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    Lets save all the cuteness! {Keiko/Alye}

    Noa Kuroki
    Noa Kuroki

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    Lets save all the cuteness! {Keiko/Alye} Empty Lets save all the cuteness! {Keiko/Alye}

    Post by Noa Kuroki 31st January 2016, 1:31 am


    ”Ah, what a wonderful day to make new friends.”

    Keiko had woken up by Carl rolling around on top of her legs while she was sleeping, witch was most likely to try and wake her up. Okay... Okay, I'm getting up already! As the small child had sat up in her the bed and reached out to grab a hold of him. Carl was Keiko's pet penguin that she had saved a long time ago. Keiko was a small child that had just been taken in by a guild named Infinity Hydra and was living in a shed next to the guild hall for the time being seeing how she had no money for a house. Carl had dodged her sluggish a temp to catch him and stud at the side of her bed. Get up already! We need to get to earning some money for food and a place to live. Keiko had nodded her head in agreement then she quickly got up and got dressed.

    Both Keiko and Carl had got to the front door of the guild hall and opened it. He had waddled in with her walking right be hide him as they had made there way to the job broad. So... what kind of job should we look for... Keiko eyes had quickly widen as soon as she saw a job poster with the word puppies written on it. She had always loved animals so this had to be the perfect job for her. Keiko snagged the poster off the broad then showed it to Carl. This one should do good and easy for us to do. Right after he had said that she had gotten a hold of him and hugged him. Your the best Carl! He had wiggled his way free from Keiko grip, Lets head out and find these puppies already Keiko! Carl had took off fast waddling towards the door but as soon as he had turned his head to make sure Keiko was following him. SMACK! Carl had waddled right into this tall beautiful white haired female's leg and Keiko quickly had rushed over to him. I'm so sorry about that, are you okay miss?

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    Lets save all the cuteness! {Keiko/Alye} 3537914953
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    Lets save all the cuteness! {Keiko/Alye} Empty Re: Lets save all the cuteness! {Keiko/Alye}

    Post by Alye 9th February 2016, 12:23 pm

    for you...

    A manicured hand slipped down and waved in the fallen penguin's direction. A magic swirling wind appeared undeath the penguin's bottom, lifting him into the air just a bit and back onto his feet before dissipating. The woman that the penguin had ran into kneeled down to the animal's level and smiled a little before petting the penguin and gently scratching under his beak. She looked over at the little girl that penguin was with and continued her lovely smile. "I'm quite alright, little one. I hope your friend is alright." She said this before she petted him again. After doing so, the woman looked the girl over and realized that she didn't recognize her. The white-haired woman kneeled down again and set her hand out for the little girl to shake. "Hello there, my name is Alye Reyold, what's yours?" That's when she spotted the job paper the little one was holding. She raised an eyebrow. "Going on a job are you?"
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    Lets save all the cuteness! {Keiko/Alye} VzaWKfF

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