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    It starts to rain

    Gabriel Anthello

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    It starts to rain

    Post by Gabriel Anthello on 17th January 2016, 9:38 pm

    OOC: Practice thread for MyuRain

    So crash course time. All RP here is in "threads," threads are just instances in time and space where characters can interact. The definition is so weird and vague because of all encompassing the term has to be. Any and all IC actions happen in threads.

    Threads can start with the purpose of socializing(called socials), adventuring(not called anything), grinding for exp and money(called jobs) and anything else(also called socials).

    What you do is up to you and your thread partner. You usually find thread partners in the cbox and work it out then. Like "hey wanna do a social?" or "wanna go on a job with me?" I shouldn't have to explain how talking works; it isn't that complex.

    Lets just do a simple social scenario.

    It was a warm day in town. Cain had sat himself down at an outdoor table of a quite little cafe. Being the low-life snake that he was; he wasn't there just for the lattes. Hiding in plain sight as another man's wallet rested in his pocket. The two-bit thief's attire was roughed up, and apparently hastily fixed in an effort to appear in inconspicuous. Somewhere three blocks away a puzzle police man struggled to pick up his long lost trail.

    Cain was pretty much home free; as soon as his waitress came by to collect the tab. Everything would be fine as long as no one else came along to draw attention to him.


    OOC: So what I just typed up is a basic thread setting. I kind of talk about the environment, what my character is doing there, and leave it open for my thread partner(you in this case) to enter and tell their half of the story.

    As the person who starts the thread one is generally obligated to supply any environmental or plot hazards; but that doesn't mean the other player can't bring their own. So just give replying a shot and we will go from there.

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    I did a thing

    Post by MyuRain on 17th January 2016, 9:49 pm

    A small petite figure strode down the town. She paused for a second to feel the sunlight glaze over her body filling her with warmth. Her light gray eyes looked around and feeling parched she walked over to a small cafe. Flipping back her dark red hair she examined the situation. "A sad pathetic man... a cute mother and daughter... a pathetic thief-looking guy..." she talked to herself as she stepped in undoing the zipper on her midnight black jacket revealing a white tank-top. She watched as a waitress was about to give the man his tab, but she interrupted by stepping up to the waitress. "What's the average prices here?" The female inquired, finding humor on the waistress' puzzled face.

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