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    Delivering Death

    Ninetails Derpfox

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    Delivering Death Empty Delivering Death

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox 12th January 2016, 5:53 am


    nother marvelous blast of fear struck an area of Magnolia. The first was when it was found by the detectives that an old couple had been tied to their beds and burned alive in their own homes. There was no one to identify the arsonist because the neighbors were killed in the exact same fashion. Then the next wave of terror from the day before when the demons caused Niyol to not only kill a bully, but kill every last studen, teacher, janitor, even the class pets of an entire school! The glorious look on the guard's faces at the realization even the youngest of people can die with ease made the demons feel over joyed as they utilized their tool of death! And then came the young boy they'd 'taken care' of on the same day. A foolish couple that thought their child was safe, only to come home and sleep with their dead sone in the next room. Waking to find his corpse, and then have the husband foreced to watch another man have his was with his wife before killing him. The desperation of the woman to save her family, to have their killer undo everything only to be killed in broad daylight as an accomplice to a prison escape. The demons occupying Niyol's body were truly working wonders in this no longer peaceful town. But their work was not done, for it was a known fact that there would be a concert in a few days. The security for it would have been massively increased due to the district's increased fatality rate, and the demons were all too happy to take the challenge. It was much to their fortune that a man had approached them, saying he knew who the man was and what he'd done. The demons played along, and listened as every last deed was told that they'd done along with an attempt at blackmailing them into delivering a letter to the star of the show in exchange for the man's secrecy. "I- I suppose I have no choice... should you tell anyone, I'll kill you and everyone you love." the demons said through Niyol, taking this as the perfect opportunity to have some more fun.

    The demons had already made their plans and had a pizza delivery boy outfit at the ready. Along with the corpse of the delivery boy already mutilated. They even prepared the pizza for the event. It was sausage, bacon, pepperoni, and shards of the white blade all but the metal were made from the meat of the original delivery boy. The demons prefferred the idea of a worker putting his all into his or her job, so naturally this was just icing on the punny cake to them. It was just a few hours before the show began, and the mage had walked up to the back entrance to the stage they'd set up and addressed the guards. "Got a stack of 'za here." they said with a relaxed voice. The guards went and opened up the boxes of pizza, checking under the items for weapons, bombs, and then ate a slice to make sure it wasn't poisoned. The guard nodded after ten minutes of not being dead, and gestured with a head movement for Niyol to head in. Ten boxes of pizza, seventy nine slices of doom walked right past those dumbasses and they were none the wiser.

    Niyol saw the main star walk past, giving him a bright smile a hug and a kiss on each cheek as a way of thanking him for delivering the pizza. "God, those people seriously expected me to perform on a diet of greens. Who eats that stuff at my age?" she said with a chipper voice. The guard tried to escort Niyol out, but she stopped them and said he was with her as a bonus method of showing him grattitude. The mage was escorted to the star's dressing room where he was shown a plethora of outfits she was expected to wear, and even offered a slice of his own pizza. The man grabbed a single slice, controlling the metal inside it to remove itself and hide under the sleeve of the jacket he'd 'borrowed' from the deliver guy. The director for the show was suspicious of the man, but reassurred when he saw Niyol eating his own pizza with seemingly no worries. Only two hours till the main event, and Niyol gave the woman the letter from her old friend. She grimiced at it, saying that he was a sweet guy but he was too sweet. "So you like bad boys?" Niyol asked with his feet already kicked up on a coffee table. "It's not that I like bad boys... I just like guys who I dunno... can protect me? Preferably someone who's not a total sweetheart but not a total ass either you know?" she replied. "Like a powerful mage?" Niyol asked. The woman began fantasizing about her being with a guy with magic powers, someone who could literally go hulk on someone with the snap of a finger but at the same time be as warm and loving to her as she wanted. Niyol had taken his shirt off and walked to the mirror, revealing his bandaged torso and multitude of scars. His excuse for doing it was that he needed to make sure he wasn't bleeding since the wounds haven't quite healed over. Five minutes later, the two were enjoying a rather intimate moment that lasted for a good hour and a half and was cut short when the director screamed through the door that it was five minutes till showtime. She let out a sigh and told Niyol not to leave, to which he smiled and said "Would't dream of it." with a falsely infatuated tone. The star walked out on stage, her steps were a bit funky but she tried to play it off as best as possible.

    While the show was going on, no one noticed the silver powder moving around the perimieter of the concert. It was only after the powder began rising up, forming a ten foot tall wall of white metal that the music stopped and people began huddling together. The guards all ran up on stage, circling the girl and looking around for a mage. It was then, at that moment that she realized where the attacker was. It was then, at that moment, that the guards, who had all eaten a slice of the pizza by now, exploded as metallic bits flew out of them. The walls began attacking people, massive steel spikes flying out and impaling them. Tendrils rising from the ground, choking people; some were bladed and simply dismembered them. The star tried to run but found herself unable to move as Niyol had grabbed the back of her neck and made her watch all her beloved fans die in front her. She tried shutting her eyes, but suddenly two metallic spikes shot out from her stomach, curved around, and cut here eyelids off. She was left crying, the last one standing as even the stage had been torn to bits. The man who gave Niyol the letter walked up to the stage slowly, looking at the woman with no eyelids, smeared make up, and holes in her stomach that would kill her before the end of the day. He asked what Niyol was doing, and the demon possessed man grinned at him. "You think she likes you? Ask her how long she was fucking us for... go on!" the voices said. The man began backing up slowly, not believing that she had dont it with a murderer. He turned to run, but found a large steel spike in his heart after only one step. The woman pleaded with Niyol to kill her, but instead he did the unthinkable. The man kneeled down and removed all the metal from her and used a spell to heal her completely. She screamed at him, ordering him to kill her. The man gave her a metal ball, made from the white blade that he'd used to kill all these people. "Eat this... and death will come." the voices said with a grin. She didn't skip a beat and swallowed the tiny sphere, coughing up blood momentarily as her vocal cords flew out her mouth. Another heal had made the wounds close... permanently killing the girl's career. "Have a nice life my dear... and if it's a boy I want his name to be Seikatsu." the demons said with a massive grin on Niyol's face. She tried screaming at him, but only air came out. Without her vocal cords, the woman was unable to sing. She couldn't describe his face to the police, and she didn't have a name to give them either. She didn't know how to draw, and when the guards finally arrived the man had been gone from sight for five minutes in total. 


    credit to nat of adoxography and gangnam style.

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