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    [Love Letter]: A Fiery Heart.

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    [Love Letter]: A Fiery Heart. Empty [Love Letter]: A Fiery Heart.

    Post by Blood Plus 16th December 2015, 9:53 pm

    Job Information:

    a true son of a

    Ibara HP: 100% ϟ Ibara MP: 100% ϟ Spells Used: N/A N/A

    " “

    Ibara had come to terms with getting simple jobs done to benefit with small yet beneficial rewards. Besides, rent had sky-rocketed since the owner of the apartment blocks he currently inhabited had fallen into a great depression at the loss of her boyfriend. She felt the need to take her feelings to a new level; the taxation of her beloved guests. It wasn't like she cared about the people who stayed in her flats, besides, it was just more money for her. More money meant more ice cream so she could wallow in her own self pity. That aside though, Ibara had accepted another job, this job potentially meant whether he would stay in his apartment or go, so naturally he had no other choice but to go. It was simple enough, he had been told, delivering a love letter to a celebrity while she was surrounded by a crowd of adoring fans. The job was simple, he'd simply perform the same trick he had done on the passport queuers, hopefully no one there remembered him from Hargeon Town, god knows what trouble that could stir.

    "I'm off. See you all soon.“ Ibara said aloud to the guild hall while they waved him goodbye. Before he knew it, he'd stepped through the teleportation lacrima and was off on his way to Magnolia Town, a city of grandeur and magnificence.

    Strangely, the usual nauseous feeling had not accompanied Ibara on his excursion through the lacrima this time. Perhaps his body had finally gotten used to the disassembling of his physical particles only to be reassembled in one piece at the end. A strange thing to adapt to but nevertheless, he was happy the feeling had rid itself. With that in mind, his day was brightened, and he almost skipped to the location of the job where he would receive the love letter and be on his way.

    The house upon his arrival was extremely creepy to say the least. Although large in stature, most areas of it's worth looked relatively untended to, as if the man lived alone with very little help. His grass was uncut and furled while the barbed fence that surrounded the perimeter looked rusted and ghostly. In fact, the mansion was rather similar to a military fort in appearance rather than a habitat in which someone lived. Ibara tried his best to dismiss the thought but the whole idea of walking up the front steps to even gather the final building blocks to the job disturbed him greatly. It took some time but finally he mustered the courage to walk to the door and approach the man whom opened it and what a man it was. His back was crooked, his nose curled and pointed to the sky, his eyes were narrow and predatorial while his body shape resembled that of a skeleton rather than a living, breathing human being. Ibara rolled his eyes, the man couldn't have been more cliché especially when putting his house into the grander scheme of things. Ibara's analogy was shortlived though when the man didn't say a word but rather shoved the letter into Ibara's open palm, and without another word, slammed the door in his face, dismissing him rather swiftly.

    "Why you ungrateful son of a..“ Ibara stopped himself, with his fist half-raised ready to break the door down in an instant. He was here on a mission despite the man's ungratefulness, the envelope containing the letter also contained his payment which satisfied him to the extent of not breaking the door down but rather walking away from the deranged house of the even more deranged man. "Only a few more steps, Ibara, keep your cool.“

    Finding the celebrity was a far from difficult task. The crowds of adoring fans were relatively easy to spot, even from the completely isolated home on the edge of Magnolia. Besides, the noise they made could have probably been heard from halfway across Fiore. Ibara wondered what all the hullabaloo was about anyway, he hadn't even heard of the women. She was a model apparently and featured in Sorcerer's Magazine for holiday specials. She was most likely drop-dead gorgeous, while else would almost the entirety of the crowd be men?

    The celebrity stood on an elevated platform above her adoring fans. Ibara's assumption was correct, this woman was extremely hot. He did his best to dismiss it and instead focused on the problem and task at hand. Between him and the celebrity stood around fifty thousand people who would most likely absolutely refuse to budge unless the situation really called for them to evacuate. So Ibara was left with a few options. Some more devious than others. Considering his impatience with the entire situation and his already increasingly-bored state at the scenario, he decided to go with the latter, more devious option. Like a kid would fire a spitball to a teacher, Ibara's cheeks welled and he launched a globule, pea-sized sphere of flame from his mouth to the carpet rug that shrouded the stage the celebrity was standing on. Just as Ibara had hoped, the rug was extremely flammable and caught a light instantly. From one person to the next, they all shouted "Fire, fire!“ Ibara even joined in at the fiasco, unenthusiastically adding to their pleas "Yeah.. a fire, probably best to evacuate, right?“ Although his voice couldn't have sounded more unconvincing if he tried, people strangely heeded his words considering the extremity of the situation. Everyone cleared the area with relative ease and Ibara couldn't help but feel bad about the situation, but regardless he walked straight through the area where the crowd had once been to a backstage section which strangely survived the inferno. There the celebrity stood, shaking her head from side to side before saying "Well thank god. At least I don''t have to deal with anymore pitiful fans.“ Ibara frowned at the celebrities' reaction and thankfully she didn't seem to catch his gaze, otherwise she would've seen nothing but hate. Instead, Ibara strode up to the celebrity and slammed the letter right in her face. The bodyguards moved to intercept him but Ibara was already out of there in an instant. He was close enough to the vicinity of his actions just to hear the celebrity say "MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!“ before escaping the scene. His grin widened, if anything, he'd done the crowd a favour with a basic order for them to leave an undeserving celebrity who clearly didn't care for her fans.

    "Job done, time to go home.“ he said to himself. He gazed back once more at the now burnt stage and rubbed a hand exasperatedly through his red hair. "Hopefully no one finds out about that..“

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