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    Such Promise [Job/Solo]


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    Such Promise [Job/Solo] Empty Such Promise [Job/Solo]

    Post by Sora 4th December 2015, 6:40 am

    Job Info:

    So much had been happening as of late. . .

    So much had been occurring that screamed at the mind, the heart, the body, the soul. . .

    I-I'm. . . so tired. . .

    Shu needed to escape into the outskirts of the world around her, lose herself in the crowd for even just a small while. The mage shifted from the role she so instinctively assumed as a helper to the many people of this world to a shadow in the masses. As selfish as it may have sounded on her part, the young woman was allowing just a simple part of her to be so. Behaving in such a manner was indeed foreign to her as an entire entity, but at the same time, it felt like a heavy weight was being lifted off of her shoulders. A breath of relief wanted to slide past her pale, dull lips in the midst of her travels but was trapped inside - caught within the whirling pool of emotions violently swaying inside the maiden.

    Locks of soft black swayed gently in a messily, unkempt ponytail that brushed ever-so-gently against her shoulders. Violet orbs were glazed over in such a soft veil floating over the eyes, not daring to let a singular source of light slip through. Nothing was on the woman's mind, no sound was reaching her, no presence alerted her. . . It was almost as if one that was familiar to her presence gazed upon her, they would find that she was barely what one would define as a living being. Tears were daring to border the very gates that served as her eyes, her form nearly trembling in both pain and vulnerable weakness as she took each step towards the destination on the job taken up today.

    The waitress felt all alone once again - a feeling that was dreadfully familiar. She missed all the people she encountered, the sight of their familiar faces, the sound of their voices. . .

    The one person that she missed the most, however, more than all of them. . .

    Was Nao.

    Dressed in a more bulkier Yukata, the color bland and gray with simple stripes decorating the clothing underneath, the mage kept to the dirt road while avoiding any vehicles of transportation safely passing by. There were some individuals that raced by on their modes, causing a gust of soft wind to brush by all that were nearby, but the young woman still pressed on despite the smallest hint of lingering worry within regarding their haste. As true as it may be that it was the winter season, there wasn't too much of a need to rush about and hide away from the cold was there - so much to put other people's lives in danger? Everyone experienced the same feelings of chills and cold one way or another, and the maiden knew she would have to keep track of any telling signs of her illness while participating on this job.

    All on her own.

    It was then that she reached the destination on the flyer designed by the person, their handwriting matching that of a child's. Shu knew to safely assume that the source of the job centered around a child, although the exact details were unknown to her. After reaching the playground of the school located in the very back, it was nearly empty save for one lone girl swaying back and forth on a rusted swing. Her gaze was cast downward as her auburn hair hung loosely just above her shoulders, white hat placed neatly atop her head. The dress the child was fiddling ever-so-gently with was decorated blue, wearing pure white socks with black school shoes. What caused Shu's gaze to soften was not the child's size or the way she was fiddling with her dress. . .

    But the fact that she was all alone, crying, with no one to help her.

    The black haired woman couldn't bear to stand watch any longer, her footsteps trudging against the dirt ground an indication that her arrival was imminent. The small girl cast her gaze upward, revealing that her eyes were a soft brown as her cheeks were stained a hue of bright red. It was clear if not undeniably apparent that such a small child had been crying for quite some time, waiting out in the cold in the hopes for a mage to have picked her job. Shu couldn't help but crease her brows and bend down to rest her knees against the ground, sliding the sleeve of her gray Yukata to curl around her fingers before wiping at the girl's pale face.

    "Shhhh. . . It's okay, l-little one. I'm here to make sure this person doesn't bother you any longer."

    The child could only slowly cease her hiccups and soft whines, waiting as the young woman before her completed the task of wiping away her tears. It was until some time passed that the young soul had calmed down fully, eyes a slight red to match the soft hue decorating her nose and cheeks. It was without another word that the child pointed to the small necklace wrapped around her, making a singular sound as she had done so. Violet orbs widened in the slightest before the mage hooked her pale fingers under the thin fabric, taking it into her grasp as her gaze shifted between it to the child.


    The young girl patted the bag before Shu's hand, smiling softly with a giggle. It wasn't until a small moment passed that it finally processed in the waitress' core - her thoughts providing the very answer to this entire situation. "Oh, I see, haha. In this bag is the money. . . If I may ask, little one, is this person bullying you because you can't speak?" The young girl could only nod her head, casting her gaze downwards at the mention before receiving a soft pat to the head from the maiden before her.

    "Th-Then worry not. I'll make sure th-this person doesn't bother you anymore, okay? B-But you have to be brave and show me what they look like, and who they are."

    The young girl slipped her hand into Shu's, beginning to guide her away from the swing set after hopping off. All the young mage could do was follow quietly, patiently awaiting their destination while ignoring the slight aching sensation crawling into the joints of her being. It seemed that the illness was starting to take its toll once more on the young woman in a much different course; either that or she was numb to all the other effects because of the cold temperatures. The auburn haired child then stopped around the corner of the front of the school building, pointing to a lone boy that was caught spitting onto the ground. It wasn't until the black haired woman nodded once, whispering softly to the girl.

    "Alright, thank you, little one. Y-You run on home, okay? I-I don't want your parents worrying about you."

    The girl in blue bounced up with a short, happy sound before gifting Shu with a quick embrace, running off with a wave and smile on her face. It was time to get the job started, a sigh escaping the young woman's lips as she slipped the necklace onto her. Truthfully, the mage wasn't one for endeavors such as stunning or scary another into submission of not hurting another, but in a situation such as this one. . . She felt she needed to make a stand for a child that could not even speak up for herself the way others could, yet her voice was much louder than every single other person.

    It was then that the black haired woman walked up to the male child, hands shoved into his pockets with a look of disgust on his face. Locks of black hair swayed with his sharp and violent movements, blue eyes portraying a sense of weariness and hostility. Shu could tell that this boy was not of a very stable mindset at the moment, lingering in the cold all by himself without anyone around him. His brows were furrowed as he seemed to be upset, shoulders scrunched up to his head as if hiding within the shell that was his own. "Wh-What do you want?", the boy nearly spat out in feigned hostility, eyes narrowed to deliver a sense of intimidation. However, Shu was not phased, instead bending down to the boy's level with patience and a calm atmosphere - looking the boy right in the eyes with a soft smile.

    "Are you the one that's been bullying that girl sitting in the park all by herself?"

    "Why should I tell you?"

    "Because a part of me thinks that you wouldn't be out here for any other reason. . . other than feeling bad for yourself."

    This was where the boy was left in utter shock and awe, his blue orbs widening in the slightest as a light blush of embarrassment coated his cheek. It was almost as if he was in disbelief - taken aback by the very words that slipped past Shu's lips. "I-I. . . L-Look, I-I don't want any t-trouble.", the bully stuttered out with gritted teeth, taking a step back to emphasize his point. Shu only leaned in slightly with her pale hands resting on her knees, the young woman's voice only raising in the slightest. "Then why do you keep hurting that poor girl who can't even speak up for herself?", the mage pressed on with her brows slightly furrowed. It was almost as if she was scolding the child, and he could feel his sins creeping onto his back. It was with his gaze casting to the side that he nearly crumbled, turning his head downward towards the ground as he shivered.

    "B-Because my friends. . . th-they made me do it."

    Violet orbs widened in the slightest, a soft hum inquiring the young boy to continue onward.

    "My friends. . . Th-They said if I could bully her, I-I could be in their group since they're really popular. B-But. . . I don't like it. I-I hate bullying her. A-And my friends. . . th-they're really mean to other kids, too."

    Shu could only shake her head with a sigh, capturing the boy's attention as tears were clearly bordering his eyes.

    "Then they clearly aren't your friends, are they?"


    "Listen to me, little one. . . Th-They aren't your friends to begin with if they're asking you to do something like that - no matter how influential or popular they may be in your school. Someone asking you to hurt another person is always wrong - especially if they can't speak up for or even protect themselves. They are also not very kind and good people for you to be with, and you seem like you can be such a wonderful and sweet young man."

    Shu smiled softly at the child, his own gaze softening as his entire demeanor and form began to relax. It seemed he finally understood the consequences and harmful effects of his actions, even learning that sometimes the most popular people weren't the best people in the end. It was with an excited bow of his entire being that the boy's voice was even changed, transforming into a tone of confidence and certainty. "Ma'm, please excuse me! I promise I won't bully her anymore! I-In fact, I'm going to be friends with her! Y-You can count on me!", and with that the boy left.

    And Shu was left alone, confused and baffled.

    I-I. . . Alright then?


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