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    To Earthland and Beyond! (Drank Job)


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    To Earthland and Beyond! (Drank Job) Empty To Earthland and Beyond! (Drank Job)

    Post by Jessi 5th October 2015, 10:09 am

    Tammy had been sent by the guild to visit and train for a few months in the land of Seven, as her powers were greatly limiting as of late. “Gahhh I could be doing much better things with my day and….they go and send me away instead of letting me do proper jobs!” Tammy yelled quite thankful that she had managed to get a new pair of shoes that were much more comfortable than her tall leather boots that she normally wore around. “Ahhh these trainers are much more comfortable then the boots and even more comfortable than walking around barefoot.”

    Tammy had taken her time, not wanting to leave Fiore but forced by the guild leader she has finally made it back to Hargeon town the sight of one of the jobs she had actually managed to complete. “Excuse me sir where do I go to get a passport?” She asked an elderly man who was taking a leisurely walk past a train station “Well lets see now kid, you head down this street here for like five blocks make a right, go two more blocks, take…..two….four…No three left turns, and then you will find yourself at the registration offices. Or was it two lefts, a right, 5 blocks and two more rights...”

    The old man seemed to be unable to make up his mind and Tammy thought that he might just be crazy and starts to slowly back away “I think I’ll just find my way there myself…..” She said as she would suddenly run off to look for the registration office herself without the old man’s help “So I think I saw that place the last time I was here, it was somewhere around the pawn shop like…three or four blocks, but I can’t honestly recall where that pawn shop was anymore since I was running through the streets last time.” She said to herself as she would look around.

    After nearly a half hour of wandering around Tammy had only managed to find the pawn shop, oddly enough it was still in rubble but the authorities seem to have managed to get the large brutish man and all of his minions from under the rubble, so why hadn’t they cleared it out or started rebuilding yet. “Well I guess this town has a strange way of doing things doesn’t it” She said as she would look around and notices a long line trailing down a street so she decides it is the best time to investigate.

    “Hey What is everyone standing in line for I don’t see a parade or anything” She said to one of the people try to push their way through the line “Stupid kid cant you tell this is the massive line to get passports, we want to see the world and finally we can do so!” The man said to Tammy as she would look down the line and her eyes widen a bit over how long it is. “Well ill have to deal with this long line right now” she said with a smirk.

    *ROAR!* Suddenly a large lion would rush through the line scaring everyone away only to turn back at the front of the line. “I would like to get my passport please” Tammy said I she would place all her papers on the desk and gracefully shows her guild tattoo to the attendant. Within half an hour she was handed her passport and she takes it so that she can catch the next ship out of Fiore.

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