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    Chicken Not So Little


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    Chicken Not So Little Empty Chicken Not So Little

    Post by Cr1tikal on 3rd October 2015, 10:59 pm

    Job Info:
    Job: Get that Chicken!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Capture the chicken without hurting it. Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character.
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description: A farmer has recently had a broken chicken house and requires you to hunt that Fowl down! This Chicken however had magical growth hormones injected into him that increased its size to a 5 foot monster! Its peck will deal C rank damage so watch out! Damaging even one feather on that chicken will result in a job failure so it may be best to lure or scare the chicken back into its fence. Completing it will give one grateful farmer his livelihood back.

    Reward: 250 Jewels. Failure if you do a single D-rank of damage.

    Clover Town, a place where legends go to retire; and a great place to find said legends. Not only was the island town the home of Blue Pegasus, where the legend known as Zack ran them, as well as the location of the yearly guild master meeting. Sadly none of these things the town were known for were not the reason she was in the town. No, she was here for something she considered silly, which was normal for the D rank jobs she had noticed. Apparently some farmer's chicken house had gotten broke and his prized chicken had gotten out and was running loose. He needed someone to catch it, though why he needed a mage to do this was beyond her knowledge. Upon finding the farm, and walking to the door to the house on the property, a triple knock on the door would signify to the job creator that someone had arrived and wished to speak with him. It took a few moments for someone to arrive and open the door, until a tall man opened with a small greeting.

    ”Howdy, I'm guessin you's here to halp me with mah missin chicken?”

    ”Yeah, I'm here to help you out. Is there anything special about this job? Seems like a loose chicken wouldn't be something a mage would be needed for.” Her question was an honest one, one the nine tailed fox had thought about the entire walk there.

    ”Aww, guessins I should tell ya about the chicken, right? This ain't know ordinary chicken. I dun and bot some o dat magical growth hormones n injected 'im so he'd get all nice and big! He's feisty, but don't ya hurt him! One feather missin' off him and there ain't no pay for ya.”

    ”Oh...okay then. Well, I'll go start on that right now and let you know when I've managed to get it back into the fenced in area.” With those words she was off, and not looking forward to dealing with a chicken that was magically larger. Spirit King only knew how big something could get with magic enhancements. 'Well, hopefully it's not bigger than me. That would be a problem... As long as it's shorter than that I should be able to either scare it or catch it, cause hurting it shouldn't be a problem.'

    Going around town to find it would not take long, enough people complaining about a large chicken to her and pointing out where they last saw it running off to. After a while of doing that the young fox looking girl with multiple tails came across an open field near the water, the giant chicken pecking at the ground to successfully nab a worm from the ground with ease. 'Wow, it's not quite as tall as me, but dear lord is that a big dinner waiting to happen!' The thought as the Sabertooth mage slowly made her way towards the land based bird, the creature continuing in it's fowl ways as if the fox spirit did not exist. It wasn't until she got real close that the bird noticed her, feathers ruffling up in a attempt at looking scary. The girl looked at the bird for a moment before taking another step, the chicken backing up a bit in fear.

    'Wait! It thinks I'm a fox! I could just scare it the entire way and herd it into the fence!' Her thought would be at the same time as she took a step to the left of the bird, the animal taking a step to circle with her. This continued for a few minutes, slowly at first, until they were on opposite sides from where they started. Making a screechy sounding bark, like a fox's warning call to their cubs, she took a lunch towards the fowl. The flightless bird's instincts kicked in, the animal beginning to run away in a beeline towards the only place it new to be safe; the fence and broken chicken coop. The crazed chicken made fearful sounds as she continued her chase, making sure the creature made it all the way inside the fenced in part of the farm before she quickly closed the entrance to it and locked it back up like it should have been in the first place.

    The nine tailed girl was not out of breath, not needing to breathe and all, though her breathing was quick by habit as she made her way back to the house and knocked on the door loudly with a fist. The door would open quicker than last time, probably due to the farmer wanting his livelihood back, and sort of frowned when he noticed it was Aiyana again; just an hour later.

    ”Back so soon? Did some'tin go wrong?”

    ”Don't you trust me? The bird is back in the fenced in area, and I locked it. Job complete!”

    A large grin would go across the guys face as he reached into a back pocket to pull out a small sack holding the low amount of jewels offered for the job before handing it to her.

    ”Thank ya so much! Mah livelihood is in that dern bird! Have a great day now!”

    With another mission done the younger mage would begin to walk away, the first feelings of low magic power hitting her before she simply whisked herself away to the celestial realm to recharge herself. At least she could simply pop up in her room at the Sabertooth guild hall after.

    [Single Post Job Finished!]


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