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    Get That Chicken! [Job/Solo]


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    Get That Chicken! [Job/Solo] Empty Get That Chicken! [Job/Solo]

    Post by Ahote on 15th April 2016, 4:08 pm

    "A farmer has recently had a broken chicken house and requires you to hunt that Fowl down! This Chicken however had magical growth hormones injected into him that increased its size to a 5 foot monster! Its peck will deal a lot of damage to ya', so watch out! Damaging even one feather on that chicken will result in a failed task so it may be best to lure or scare the chicken back into its fence, ya hear? Completing it will give one grateful farmer his livelihood back."

    Ahote spoke aloud to himself as he strolled down the sidewalks of Clover Town, excited for this task he had taken the liberty to complete. He had hardly ever gotten the opportunity to  do much of anything requiring anything dangerous, so even simple tasks seemed like jobs only he could complete. Even something as simple as this task was everything to him. It was truly an exciting process he was about to go through. Or so it seemed, chasing a chicken wasn't exactly the excitement he thought he'd get but he was excited anyway.

    Clover Town was quite large in comparison to other towns, or... so he thought. He hadn't been to many in his lifetime, in fact, he was only seven. But to him, Clover was huge, and diverse in both people and areas. He had never been here, actually It was quite the experience. It was so close to Magnolia Town but the entire town felt completely foreign to him. Or maybe it was childlike wonder. He didn't know. But, nevertheless, he was greeted so warmly with it's fresh, cool airs and smell of trees and flowers. The people seemed kind as well.

    But, Ahote looked down to his paper, of which held the information he had desperately relied on since he tended to forget simple things easily. "Let's see... t-turn left... then go straight... make a right and uhm.. uhm... oh, another left! And then..." He continued to walk down the designated path until he eventually arrived there after a few short minutes.

    He peeked over the corner of the fenced entrance to the farm's field for livestock, glancing here and there for any signs of life. But apparently nothing even moved. "Maybe this is the wrong place... well, maybe I should look at the directions more carefully-"

    "Pipe down, kid! It still could be lurkin' 'round here, somewhere!" Interrupted an old, cranky voice. Ah, yes, that was the client. He had wrinkles here and there and a large jaw, a large net tightly between both palms. He wearily looked left and right, looking for something. But Ahote could take a hint, but asked anyway.

    "Hi mister... I'm Ahote, and I am here to look for.. uhm... a chicken?" He introduced himself, though wanting to confirm if that was his request.

    "Yeah, yeah. - Whatever. Just get in ere' and help me catch the thing!" He spoke hoarsely, continuing his search.

    Ahote only smiled and walked through the gate, locking it behind him and instantly looking around. But it was completely empty. They searched for several minutes, but it was as if the thing disappeared.

    "Come on now, till this land with them young eyes of yers'. Shouldn't be that har-...!!" He immediately stopped speaking after he laid eyes on Ahote, or rather, what was behind Ahote.

    Ahote simply tilted his head curiously, not sure what he was looking at, exactly. "What's wrong, mister?"

    "B-Behind ya', kid..."

    "Behind me?..."




    "...?!" Ahote turned around, only to be greeted by this massive chicken! It was almost as tall as he was, if not taller! Ahote panicked but immediately attempted to tackle it, only for it to sidestep and cluck and cluck, as if laughing at him.

    This process repeated... several times.






    Ahote and the farmer twisted and turned. Fell and tripped. Tackled and chased. They did this for a good fifteen minutes! And it was within that time limit that Ahote was absolutely covered in dirt. But it was time, the farmer was tired out and had stopped to get something to drink, while Ahote in the meantime, had corned the beast!

    "Pl-please don't move, Mister Chicken..." He spoke to it with a voice of a child who was worn out. And after one last tackle, he finally managed to net the beast. Though it struggled a lot, it was perfectly clean and flawless. Ahote panted, and watched as the farmer walked out of the house.

    "T-Thanks sir! I need to go now! Enjoy your chicken!" And with that, he ran back to the interior of Magnolia Town to claim his next job.


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