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    Venir RuLush's Secondary Magic Training [Private/Wolfe]

    Mistress Venir
    Mistress Venir

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    Private Venir RuLush's Secondary Magic Training [Private/Wolfe]

    Post by Mistress Venir 12th September 2015, 6:25 pm



    She repeated it again and again in her head. If she had just thought instead of act then she wouldn't be in such a mess. However, in her rush to help another she had forgotten something very important. How could she have forgotten the most basic rule to her magic? It was a rule that she simply knew from the very core of her soul despite not knowing where her magic came from or where she learned it. It was rule that was ingrained in her very soul yet in her momentary lapse of judgement she had neglected to abide that rule.

    Never cast a card without the staff

    Her entire magic worked around curious cards that could be used through a curious staff. Theoretically, they shouldn't be usable without using the staff as a medium or so she thought. She had visited Talonia with the said cards in hopes of figuring where they might have come from. They might have given her some hint as to where she came from, where her magic came from, and why she had no memory to speak of. Yet Talonia only served to be a disappointment. No one was able to distinguish just where the cards came from, nor could they understand the complex magic circle the was on each card, or even recognize the art on the face of each card. The trip was a disappointment and only served to become a complete disaster after she had encountered the beginnings of what seemed to be a robbery. Naturally, as a legal mage and Ace of Eclipse Soul, the white haired mage knew she had to do something. Yet the robber seemed to be some sort of speed based mage, and there if she had wasted time activating her magic to form her staff then he would have gotten away. Which is why without so much as a second thought, she had pulled out one of her cards and used it.

    The Thunder

    When used with her staff it would normally shoot a bolt of electricity at her desired target, and it did hit her desired target with much more force than usual. However, there was no staff to act as a medium, nothing for the card to absorb into save for herself. The last thing she saw was the bolt of electricity, a bright blue flash, and then darkness. When she awoke she was on a bench, someone had moved her there, but she knew something was wrong. Her hands were shaking, she felt tingly all over as if there was some sort of current running over her skin, and after searching through her cards, all of which she knew by heart, there was a certain card that was missing. "Idiot." It didn't take a genius to figure out just where that card went.

    "I think I might be sick."

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    Venir RuLush's Secondary Magic Training [Private/Wolfe] Tumblr_mwffarIHCR1qbk364o3_500

    Venir RuLush's Secondary Magic Training [Private/Wolfe] Tumblr_mwffarIHCR1qbk364o4_500

    Venir RuLush's Secondary Magic Training [Private/Wolfe] Tumblr_mwffarIHCR1qbk364o5_500


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    Private Re: Venir RuLush's Secondary Magic Training [Private/Wolfe]

    Post by Wolfe 6th October 2015, 11:49 pm

    Wolfe was in Talonia eating at one of the few places he had found in town that he actually liked. He had been all over town, but this place had the best BBQ he had almost ever tasted, so he found himself here from time to time to fill his need for some good old BBQ. Not his most common craving, but it did happen from time to time.

    Wolfe has just finished eating when and was heading out the door when he felt a wave of air and saw a bolt of lightning hit a wall a few feet from him. He had no clue what he had walked into, but he was now in the middle of it none the less. He turned and saw a man running away with bags in his hand ans he was using speed magic too. As he turned the other way he saw a store owner yelling and it clicked this was a robbery. As he turned his head again he noticed there was a white haired woman where the lightning bolt had come from, but she looked as if she was about to hit the ground. Wolfe stopped for a fraction of a second as he thought to himself and sorted out his priorities. Wolfe turned and phase stepped and as he was now almost caught up with the man with the bags, and with one more flash step he was right behind him. Wolf reached out and grabbed the man by his neck and shot a bolt of pure electricity into the man. There was a second delay but then his body convulsed and he dropped the bags as his body lost feeling. Wolfe then dropped the man as he turned around and phase stepped towards the woman who had fainted. Wolfe looked behind him, just in time to see a local policeman reach the robber's body and began to handcuff him and sort out the issue.

    It only took a few second before he was standing over the woman;s body. He kneeled down and scooped her up in his arms. He then phase stepped down the street and then down another one. He then stopped as he reached a bench. He laided her down and took a seat at the end of the bench. He reached over and touched her hand and could feel electricity flowing through her body. He wasn't sure what she had done, but he used his force to pull as much of the extra current from her body. He then leaned back and gave her a little bit to wake up.

    After a few minutes he saw as the woman woke up and instantly grabbed a deck of cards from her side and started looking through them and then said she felt sick. Wolfe leaned forward as he spoke "Are you ok? and do you need me to take you to the hospital?" Wolfe wasn't sure who she was or if she was ok or not.


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