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    Baby sitter

    Devon Sabathiel
    Devon Sabathiel

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    Baby sitter Empty Baby sitter

    Post by Devon Sabathiel 12th August 2015, 7:41 am


    Devon had just completed two consecutive jobs in the same town, and now she had to do a third one in the same place. Oh, what a troublesome time this was going to be. If you didn't know what she was rambling on about, it was the fact that she recently had to go through a photo shoot and deliver a letter in a very short period of time. Albeit, like any other Mage, Devon had to deal with the work load she was given at all times. A client had sent letters, ironically, to Surīpingu Mori, and asked that someone look after her baby. There was no way in hell that the mother could leave her child alone, it seemed, or even with an ordinary human being, and so she was asking Mages to take care of her baby whilst she planned to go out with her husband. Devon, knowing she had to go through tons of work already, did the woman a favor faster than everyone, and came to her assistance of treating her baby while the mother would be gone. Devon wrote a note back to the mother, and stated that she was going to take care of the baby. This note was actually in a package, which included a copy of her profile to help this woman feel more secure about her, along with a license stating that Devon had taken care of other people as well, meaning she obviously had experience.

    Shortly after Devon rushed to reply to this message, she ran back into her room, and prepared herself. She locked the door behind her, then proceeded herself into the shower, where she thoroughly cleansed herself and eventually dried herself off. She looked at the TV lacrima recently purchased from the jewels she had gained from her two previous jobs, and saw that the weather was going to be especially warm in Magnolia. This meant that Devon could wear her signature summer outfit, and walk out of the building looking rather attractive, but appropriate, at the same time. She had luggage in case she had to stay over for the night, along with jewels prepared to use on baby materials. Devon strolled out of the guild hall, more than ready to take on this job while her morning routine was successfully completed, and headed out for a baby shop in a market, nearby. There, Devon bought a few diapers, baby towels, pacifiers, lotion, cleaning materials, and toys. Devon intentionally made tons of room in her bag of luggage for these items, which she easily filled now that she had the objects in her grasp. She zipped up the bag, once more before she hired her personal horseback rider to take her to Magnolia Town. Devon sighed heavily as this was her third consecutive job in the same town, and she now needed to take care of a baby before she could return home. The horseback rider looked back at her, worried as to how much of a toll Devon had put on herself, recently, though Devon gave a comforting smile back, indicating that she was completely fine.

    Moments later, Devon had arrived at the house the parents owned for their kid, and man was it expensive. "So these parents are one of the few to own an estate in Magnolia." Devon remarked, "This place is gigantic!" Devon had her jaw dropped in awe while she looked at the place, though once she entered, she was underwhelmed. Most of this place was for the parents, whereas a small portion was for the kid. The parents stood there with their baby held carefully. The baby was asleep, at the moment, though prepared to wake up at any moment, as the parents had informed. Devon wished that the baby could just fall asleep easily while she took care of him, though after what the parents told her about the baby, she became slightly concerned about herself. This baby seemed to be a naughty one, and tended to cause a ruckus whenever he didn't get what he wanted. Devon still agreed a second time to taking care of this baby, in which case the baby was handed off to her quickly before the parents had to take off. Devon moved into the living room first, where she sat down comfortably with the boy in her arms, just waking up. The boy looked up at her with a warm smile on his face, though Devon knew that smile would not exist for long.

    Minutes had passed, and the baby was already crying for food. He was pulling on Devon in desperation, and acted as if it would die any second. Devon quickly dashed into the kitchen with the baby held firmly in her arms, and opened the fridge carefully with one hand. There was pre-made baby milk that needed to be heated for the baby, and so Devon took advantage of what was provided. Devon carefully inserted the milk into a microwave lacrima, the baby still held in her arms, and watched as the milk became as smooth as regular milk should be, though it was only specified for babies, of course. Devon slowly took the baby milk, after this, and fed it to the baby. The baby drank it slowly, though after this, a disaster occurred. The baby had peed itself, though thankfully, none of the urine had touched Devon. Devon slowly walked over to her bag of luggage, and opened it up to grab a blanket. She threw the blanket on a couch, nearby, then channeled magic into it to straighten it. She then set the baby upon the blanket, and knelt next to him in case he shifted and fell over. Devon gently took the baby's diaper off, and picked the diaper from the clean tip. She pulled a plastic bag out of her luggage, then dropped the dirty diaper in the bag, and tied it up. She then took a new diaper out of her luggage, and thoroughly wrapped it around the baby's bottom before placing a pacifier in his mouth. "There! Now you should be all better!" Devon cheered with great hope.

    Hours had passed, and it was nearing nighttime. This time, the baby was on a rampage. It was crying to an immeasurable extent, and Devon didn't know what to do. She browsed through drawers nearby her until she came across a book. There were pictures inside, and as Devon saw, almost every time the baby was asleep, snow was falling outside. Devon grinned as she adjusted the baby to sit on her lap. The baby was still crying like no tomorrow, though after Devon used some magic, this all changed. Devon used her legs firstly to bounce the baby up and down, and make him laugh. She then pointed out something to the baby: the snow outside. She had used her magic to manipulate the weather outside, and watched as snow fell delicately. The baby stared at it for awhile before his eyes gazed into the scene, and it stopped crying. Once Devon noticed this, she readjusted the baby in her arms, then swayed him gently in her arms as the baby began to close its eyes. Devon stroked the baby's hair to assure it felt extremely comfortable while falling asleep, and even noticed a smile on his face. Maybe this is why it was always cranky; the parents never knew what to do with the kid, or were never aware of the occurrences that led to the baby's peaceful nature. Before she knew it, the baby was holding onto her index finger lovingly with his hand, which made Devon blush. For the first time, such a cranky human being had actually made her day, and additionally, a job had touched her. She continued to sit in the same position for an hour, not wanting to move as the parents came home. When they came home, however, Devon had a long speech prepared for them. She told them about everything that went on in the household, though she never once gave them any disrespect or shame. Instead, she just gave them advice about their kid, which made the parents happier. Another photo had been placed in that book, and it was a photo of Devon cooperating with a baby, for the first time. This picture had been taken by the baby's parents, who seemed to feel really proud about both Devon and their baby.


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