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    But i've already travelled the world(Solo Mission)


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    But i've already travelled the world(Solo Mission) Empty But i've already travelled the world(Solo Mission)

    Post by Shard 25th June 2015, 10:39 am

    It seemed that restrictions on travel had got a lot tougher recently. It was now necessary for you to have a document called a passport in order to travel from country to country. He had already travelled most of the world so it seemed odd he now needed what was essentially a piece of paper to do what he had already done. Then again he didn't exactly have the old criminal ties that he used to. So he guessed he would have to obey some rules or at least if he wanted to travel. And considering travel was pretty much essential to what he did in life it was necessary for him to gain this paperwork. A chef who had experience of the world's cuisine needed to travel often to keep his skills up to scratch. So he really did have no choice unless he wanted to risk being arrested everytime he tried to leave the country.

    So for that reason he had come all the way to Hargeon Town and joined the long queue at the passport office. It was weird that there was such a queue. Surely, most people had their passports by now? Or had it really been introduced only recently? Or had people only just started bothering? He didn't know the answers to these questions. It didn't bother him unduly and instead he conjured up a notebook and pen and began flicking through some of his failure recipes and trying to consider how they could be fixed. The squid tentacles always seemed to prove tricky. He'd tried honey, peanut butter, ketchup and numerous other sauces, but few seemed to work. It was quite disappointing as he was sure there was more than soy sauce that would complement it.

    As he was contemplating this and slowly moving along in the queue he overheard some children in the queue complaining to their parent that they were hungry. The parent sighed and told them that they would have to wait as there was no way to get food in this queue and if they left the queue now it would just take them even longer to get the passports ready for their holiday to Seven. He called out to the family.

    "Hey there. I'm a cook and a mage at that. What do you lot fancy?" he asked. The man raised a sceptical eyebrow, but the children immediately called out for burgers and fries. He thought about it for a moment and then conjured up the various utensils and ingredients he needed and cooked them exceptional burgers and fries. He offered them a range of sauces, salads and other bits. They begun munching into them happily their faces in pure rapture at the deliciousness. The meat was tender and juicy so much that it melted in the mouth and the fat was rich and savoury. The buns were also perfectly soft and seemed to somehow complement the burgers. The fries were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. There was a slight hint of seasoning that seemed to somehow The man thanked him profusely and allowed him to go in front of him. He thanked the man, but shook his head. "No need friend. The smiles on their faces are enough reward. Besides, I wouldn't want to keep them waiting any longer." The man thanked him once again and returned to his queuing.

    It wasn't that long, not really, that Magna was leaving the passport office with his new passport. It was allll good.


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    But i've already travelled the world(Solo Mission) HqzsHuT

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