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    Burning down the world ((Mission, Private, Solo))


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    Burning down the world ((Mission, Private, Solo)) Empty Burning down the world ((Mission, Private, Solo))

    Post by FeitanKazeshini on 6th October 2016, 23:19


    Job Title: Watch the World Burn
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: 1-2 D Raked mages.
    Job Requirements: Burn the entire farm: Barn, Crops, and Farmhouse. 5 posts, 100 words minimum each
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: Soon it will be harvest season for all the crops, though one man, Mr.Jekis will have the most produce by the end of the season. He always does, and the rest of the farmers are fed up. They want you to go to Mr.Jekis's land and burn it all to the ground. They don't care how, just get the job done.

    Mr.Jekis doesn't like people tampering with his field and will do anything to stop you. He comes complete with a gardening hoe. A few melee attacks should take care of him.
    Reward: 1,000 Jewels


    Feitan sighed as he shook his head in slight annoyance. He was going to be sent on another stupid mission to do more stupid stuff. This job had him being hired by a group of farmers who were jealous of another farmer who seemed to be doing very well for himself. Really was there no end to the jealously and hatred of humans for another human. It wasn’t often that he preferred the ways of demon society, but in this instance he longed for the days he was walking through the netherworld watching demons who hated each other, or were jealous of one another just kill each other over it the problem was over as one was already dead. Instead, humans just hired out those who were capable of doing something about it, and let themselves be sheep forever. With a shrug he let these deep philosophical thoughts fall away from him, after all there wasn’t a need to think about the matter at hand. He was being paid for his work, and that was all he wanted or needed in life, a paycheck. Cracking his neck, he stopped at the outskirts of his target’s farm looking towards the house and the field around it.

    Setting it on fire wouldn’t be a hard task mostly because his aura he could use and turn into fire, and with the wires he would infuse with just such fire he could light whole swaths of fields, and such on fire. Now he moved into the fence-line slowly pushing his fingers together and then focusing his aura as he had learned to do. As he did so his aura focused in his fingers and slowly began to make his finger glow. As he pulled them back he could see the red wires of his flame enhanced aura as it strung his fingers together in the power that he was able to bring to bear. He moved towards the field that was on his right side and he extended the wires throwing them out and waving them through the fields of tall corn stalks that were growing setting them alight with great ease. As the flames spread through the corn field he moved to the opposite side and set the wheat aflame. He was making quick work of all of it due to the fact that he had plenty of time and his reach was expansive so he was able to cover a lot of ground and set a lot of things ablaze all at once. While the flames quickly engulfed the fields Feitan didn’t stop there and moved towards the barn with a smile easily swiping his flaming wires into the building catching the straw, hay, and other such easily flammable objects with his flame wires quickly setting the structure aflame as well.

    Only now however, did the farmer come out to see what was going on. Feitan moved towards the man as he came out swinging his garden hoe around like a weapon. The wizard easily moved passed the man heading towards the house. He smiled wickedly as he wrapped his wires around the wood work of the house still burning and starting to light the wood on the porch connected to the house on fire. Ten meters of his wire was stretched around the house and he moved to easily make other wires in his hands now turning to the farmer who was shouting. Feitan wasn’t listening and instead he snapped his wires out at the hoe that was coming at him slicing through it with ease burning the wood and slightly melting the metal. He then dodged a few strikes that the farmer tried to launch at him wrapping him up in his wires burning his flesh and clothes forcing the man to kneel “Now you will watch, watch as all your land burns away, your house, your barn, your entire world is burning down around you. Don’t worry however, you won’t be alive long enough to see it all go to ashes. You are going to die right now.” With that he tightened a wire around the man’s throat cutting into it and then slicing through the man’s jugular searing the wound closed even as he continued to pull until there was no resistance. He dismissed the wires in his hands and left the burning farm behind letting it all fall down to ashes.

    ((over 700 words long. Counts as all five posts))


    Burning down the world ((Mission, Private, Solo)) TwlZpF6
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