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    Scare Away Those Thugs; Job

    Mistress Venir
    Mistress Venir

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    Post by Mistress Venir 3rd June 2015, 7:15 pm

    Close your eyes
    give me your hand

    Venir listened intently to Lekuna's words. It seemed as if she was considering them before and letting them sink in before she spoke. Her response took a while as if she was trying to grasp the right words or right thoughts. Lekuna's concept was fairy simple yet it seemed as if her mind simply didn't want to acknowledge it. "Only under those circumstances?" She inquired, hands clasping together behind her back as she walked with Lekuna, a perfect picture of innocent ignorance. "What if they hurt you or someone else in the guild?" She paused before asking her next question having to think about whether or not it was okay to ask it. "Why does it matter if they can change? What's so bad about killing? What does it mean to kill? What happens afterwards?" Yet none of the questions managed to escape her lips. It felt like asking such simple but not simple things was wrong. Instead the little girl just tightened her lips shut and listened to whatever the time mage might have to say.

    At the owner's words Venir glanced about realizing just how much damage the two ended up doing to the place. "We created such a mess." Up until now the card caster had went on missions in the wilderness where damage didn't matter to much, nor was she on anyone's property for that matter. Feeling almost bad for the owner, the child sat down across from her partner scooting herself in with a loud screech of the chair against the floor. Crimson orbs settled upon the golden pocketwatch that Lekuna carried around, curious about it simply because it was shiny and belonged to Lekuna. "I've pestered her with enough questions, I'll save it for another day. It's not like she'll be leaving or losing that watch anytime soon." A quiet smile was brought to her lips so naturally the girl pulled a menu out to use as cover. Grinning like an idiot behind the paper barrier, Venir peaked over his makeshift wall. "Would you like to split a sundae with me?" It wasn't often that Venir shared treats with others but she'd make an exception this time. Things seemed to finally be returning to normal in the odd pairs relationship. Which was pleasant after their rough few weeks.
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    Post by Lekuna 3rd June 2015, 9:10 pm

    So Many Branches
    each different but all the same
    One day they will become one

    "Yes, only under those circumstances. If they hurt you or a close friend, you can fight them, but it is really fair to kill someone for hurting someone else?" she said to the innocent looking girl. Lekuna felt back imposing her beliefs on such an impressionable mind, but she had to start somewhere. Maybe her beliefs would influence Venir's later decisions, but for now, Lekuna thought this was a great starting point for morality. Something Venir either forgot or just didn't have quite yet. I guess it's making a little more sense as to why she's in Eclipse Soul rather than some other guild. Hopefully she regains her memories and can tell me her story one day. That'd be interesting the time mage thought happily as the girl smiled and quickly shrouded her happy visage with a shoddy looking menu.

    I hadn't noticed how much of a dump this place was until now. The restaurants back in Bosco were much nicer than the ones here she began to think of the restaurants from her time. Digital menus rather than paper, a small module to type in your order, eliminating the need for fallible humans to mark it down, a small sanitizing station to clean your hands before eating. This place had paper napkins, about three employees, and poorly made menus. Lekuna noticed a pair of eyes watching her from behind the menu, then a voice which posed a question that she didn't have to consider too heavily. It was an obvious choice. "I'd love to, Venir. Thank you for the offer" the girl said with a smile emerging on her lips.

    She knew how possessive children were of their sweets, so Lekuna took it as a deep sentiment that Venir would even consider sharing something as delicious as a sundae with her. It was much more fun interacting with her than it was with other adults who seemed to spend all their free time at bars. The mage wasn't much of a drinker. At all. So sundaes and sugar were a nice alternative from time to time. "We'll have a large sundae please!" she said in a raised voice towards the owner who gave them a thumbs up and relayed the message to the chef. After they ate, they'd need to return to the guild, but for now, she'd enjoy her company.




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