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    Scare Away Those Thugs

    Daemon Spade
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    Scare Away Those Thugs Empty Scare Away Those Thugs

    Post by Daemon Spade 25th September 2014, 11:18 pm

    Hargeon city. The port city and international trading center of the world. Like every trading capital of the world it had it's fair share of crime and violence. The mission Daemon was issued required him to form an alliance between an old ally and former member of his guild. Kiba Yukiko one of Daemon's allies and personal friends. It was late a Night When Daemon met the clients of the job and told them calmly that their problems would end within the hour. While Daemon would be more then happy to permanently get rid of this town's more sinister of the darker side of the underworld yet Daemon's own personal spy network required the possible usage of some of the thugs bosses. The main reason Daemon took this job was because one of the stores being vandalized was one of the few stores in Fiore that stocked his favorite candy Pocky.

    Daemon walked down the alleyways of the city with a single stick of pocky in his mouth. As he went about on his merry way to the candy store to get a better definition of the thugs from the shop keeper. Daemon turned the familiar corner to the candy store and the scene before him caused a single tear to leave his left eye and crush the pocky logged between his teeth. Daemon's body began to shake as he took in the sight of the candy store up in flames and a tangent of the thugs well laughing as they dragged the owner of the shop keeper out onto the streets and began to circle around her with a beastly grin on each of their faces. Daemon let out a beastly roar he quickly shifted into his true form a large dire wolf covered in black as midnight fur with several lunar tribe markings on his forehead, paws, and back. With a bloodthirsty howl Daemon rushed at the bandits with full intent of killing them for threatening the harm one of the few nonhumans who lived outside of the Air ship and one of the most gentle people Daemon has ever had the opportunity to call his friend. PREPARE TO DIE YOU VILE PIGS!


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