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    Twas A Goodnight(Solo,Mission)


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    Twas A Goodnight(Solo,Mission) Empty Twas A Goodnight(Solo,Mission)

    Post by Raiden 7th May 2015, 1:15 pm


    "Your joking"Such words uttered by a white haired gentleman who's attire seemed to resemble that of a old fashioned aristocrat when speaking to one of the Rune Knights of Hargeon Town. The lowers docks of the port town seemed to be plagued by a string of murders to which even Rune Knight fell prey to."How can one's who police mages not take down a mere man?" These words may have been rude but to the one named Raiden Strihart there were no truer words to speak.

    "Hold your tongue mage. We lost one of our own dealing with this menace, have you no sympathy for the dead?" The knights outburst did close to nothing to sway Raidens opinion. "Sympathy,what for? I was not the one who let my comrade die and even if I did he chose to put his life on the line. No I honor him..for he seemed to be the only one with courage enough to stand up and do his duty." It was clear to see that some of the knights found Raidens words to be true but not all felt the way he did. To them they lost a brother and that was all that matter.

    Raiden turned to the dossier on the maned named Jacob Goodnight. He was a large man with at least four inches and one-hundred and fifty-two pounds on Raiden, such a thing seemed to excite Raiden however. This meant that he would not be a pushover, then again he would be slower then Raiden and fall a bit harder when put down. Looking more threw the documents Raiden could see some known associates of Jacobs and with that a familiar named came to mind.

    "Is Gregory Sims one of the murdered?" One out of the groups of Rune  Knights in the barracks spoke up" Yes..he was the knight who fell."After stating such the knight walked away for a moment to retrieve some more documents and handed them to Raiden."These are all the victims so far. "Raiden began to cross reference the names of the victims with the known associates of Mr.Goodnight, it was too clear."He killing people that he knows personally...no one seen this?"

    Raiden did not wait for a reply for there was one person on the list left of Jacobs known associates. Looking at the address Raiden would take his leave to go and see if his assumption was correct. The night was still young when Raiden found his way to the lower docks, being comforted by a slight sea breeze. Coming upon his destination Raiden spotted a dark alley that seemed suitable for await to see if the murdering assailant would show his face but also it offered easy access to the targets home if needed.

    The target was an older man named Mcfry. He wasn't anything special except he used to be the foreman of the mind that Jacob once worked at. Who knows maybe there was some deep seeded hatred Jacob held for the guy or he was simply crazy...Raiden was going with crazy. After an hour or two of wait a strange sound caught Raiden attention. It sounded like..the dragging of chains across the and it was getting closer. The sound it self was coming from the same direction that Raiden used to get here and so the white haired mage simply watched from the shadows.

    After a few moments a large shadow could be seen encroaching down the street until finally the target came in sight. His face was just like the picture in the dossier but his cloths were all worn,tattered and some what bloody. He carried a nasty meat hook on a chain, a large cleaver on his right hip and a carving knife on thee other. He turned directly to the house of Mr.Mcfry and with that confirmation Raiden would make himself known.

    "I'm quite sure you knew the Rune Knights would not put two and two together but it seemed that you have been found out-"Raiden would step from the shadows and to the edge of the sidewalk."Mr.Goodnight" The big man would stop in his tracks, turn his body halfway and his head the rest of the way to bring Raiden into view. He looked Raiden up and down while standing in the middle of the dimly lit street."So the knights couldn't bring themselves to face me again, no matter I only have two more things to take care of before I disappear. You and Mcfry."

    Raiden was surprised at how sure Mr.Goodnight was when it came to fulfilling his goal, such a thing would be something to admire if he wasn't a crazed psychopath with intentions on killing people. Nevertheless the white haired mage readied himself and with that Jacobs went on the attack. He slung his chained hook with his right hand directly towards Raiden's face but was easily dodged with a quick lean to his own right. Wasting no time Raiden used his enhanced speed to dash forward, engulfing both his hands and feet in electricity.

    Coming in close Raiden swiftly landed a left cross with his right hand cocked and ready. Jacobs let go of the chain and took a single step back from the blow but quickly recovered, grabbing his carving knife on his left hip and attempted to shiv Raiden in the chest. Jacobs would be too slow however for Raiden was ready and with his lightning reflexes he quickly moved his right hand to meet the knife head on.

    With the blade being a conductor of electricity and Raidens ability to stun thee opponent who attacks he blocks while this magic is active, the giant of a man was indeed about to feel a grave amount of pain. The electricity ran threw the blade and shocked Jacobs for heavy damage, his body began to go into shock from the heavy current running threw his body but Raiden was not about to stop.

    With Mr.Goodnight stunned this was a prime opportunity to put him out for good. He shifted his stance into that of a south paw and proceed to hit Jacobs with three consecutive blows. A strong left hand gut check, a moderate right straight to the sternum and finally a strong left uppercut. With that the giant of a mans dead weight sent him crashing to the ground, banging his head on the concrete. Deactivating his magic Raiden stood over the mound of meat and leaned down slightly to place his finger under the giants nose. He was still breathing.

    With that Raiden would walk over the Mr.Mcfry's home and knock on the door until he answer. Raiden would not let him speak and simply said."I'm sure you know who that man is on the ground, would you mind fetching the Rune Knights for me?" The old man looked over to see Jacobs body on the ground and in a fluster ran off to the knights barracks. Raiden would watch over the man until the Runes knights would arrive to take him away.


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