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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job,Solo)

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job,Solo) Empty Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job,Solo)

    Post by Aliarey Casady 2nd June 2017, 1:05 am

    Job Description:

    It had finally happened. A job opportunity where she wasn't some sort of delivery girl had shown itself. She had only come to the town earlier to obtain a passport but it seemed fate had more plans for her. Upon leaving the passport registration area a town guard had approached her and handed her a wanted ad. He had been passing them out to all wizards that had been signing up. The ad itself contained a picture of a rather large man with a description of him below it. A miner by trade he was, that is, until he decided to trade in his pickaxe for a meat cleaver. The man had become a serial killer and was wanted dead or alive.

    Aliarey slowly walked along docks with her standard pistols drawn from their holsters. It was late at night and all was quiet with nothing but the sound of ocean waves reaching her ears. The killer only attacked his victims at night when they were alone. That perfectly described Aliarey at that moment. Blue eyes scanned the area thoroughly for she did not want him to get the upper hand on her. Knowing he had escaped the town guard rather easily, even going so far as to kill one of them in the process, she knew it would be fatal to allow him to attack first. Her feet carried her to an area of the docks filled with several large crates and boxes.

    "Well look at what we have here," a voice called out, followed by amused laughter. Her eyes widened slightly from experiencing a small measure of startlement but she quickly composed herself, turned towards the direction of the voice, and let off three shots from her right pistol. She wasn't one to talk before attacking. If the owner was not her target then she would just have to apologize later. It was doubtful any of those shots were fatal. She needed the target alive for a bigger payday.

    Aliarey allowed her mind to process what her eyes were seeing after firing. All of her shots had hit one of the wooden crates. The voice must have come from behind it. "Tch, damn," she muttered as the amused laughter continued. "Feisty little thing, aren't you?" The owner of the voice stepped from behind the crate with heavy footsteps. A chained meat hook and carving knife were equipped along his large waistline and in his hand was a large meat cleaver. It was Jacob Goodnight, the man from the wanted ad. Allowing a smirk to form on her face, Aliarey could now let loose. Before the man could say anymore or start an attack of his own, the woman raised both pistols and shot off two bullets from each pistol. The killer took a step forward, seeming unfazed by the shots. This caused her to unload both her pistols into his torso area until she heard the clicking sound of empty chambers. He was still standing and moving forward. He was like some sort of animal and now she had angered it.

    "Aw, out of ammo there girly?" Jacob asked with a disgusting grin. "Guess it's my turn for some fun." The man rushed forward with the arm wielding the meat cleaver raised high. Once he had reached Aliarey he lowered the weapon in a downward slash. She dodged it by moving to the side. He may of been big but bigger targets are generally also much slower. The man was smart though and based on his experiences knew the next thing she would do is run away to get some distance. He quickly swept to the side and backhanded her. Jacob Goodnight was ridiculously strong and the impact of his hit sent Aliarey smashing into a nearby crate.

    Aching pain shot through her body upon the collision between herself and the crate. This was one reason why she hated being in such close ranges. Fighting off the pain, Aliarey stood back up. Her pistols were still in her hands but to her at that moment they were useless as they were. She needed more firepower, but not so much that she'd kill him. She put the pistols back into their holsters along her hips and quickly used her magic to call for a weapon that was more suitable. "Requip!" A grenade launcher type weapon then formed in her hands, teleporting itself from the pocket dimension where it was stored.

    Jacob had started up another attack with his cleaver by then. This time though, when Aliarey sidestepped his attack he was unable to perform his counterattack due to the small explosion occurring where the girl had once stood. He yowled loudly as he was met with several more mini explosions around him. Each one happened wherever Aliarey stepped, damaging crates and Jacob alike. She was quick to move to avoid her own trail of attacks or else she'd be caught in a storm of explosions as well.

    Before long the large man was on the ground. Parts of his body were burnt and smoking due to the small explosions, but he should of still been alive. The explosion trail effect had ended and the launcher she had held was gone. There was no need to actually use its ammo for this job. Aliarey grew concerned when she saw no signs of breathing from the body, however. Damn. She didn't want him dead. Even though there were several explosions they were small and shouldn't of done enough to kill by themselves.

    A shame a poking stick was not something she had in her personal storage. Now she'd have to walk up to the body to check if he was really dead. She cautiously walked up to the body and nudged it with her foot. "Hey. You alive?" Nothing. Going against her better judgement she knelt down and checked for a pulse. Bad move. A large hand quickly reached up and latched around her neck. Jacob had been playing dead. "Gotcha this time, girly."

    The grip on her neck tightened. Both of her own hands were trying to pry the large one away from her neck but it wouldn't budge. Desperate to do something before he got bored and snap her neck, Aliarey reached down and pulled the pistol within her right holster. She aimed it at the arm attached to the hand around her heck and pulled the trigger. Click. Click. Shit. She forgot it was out of ammunition. She could see that disgusting grin of his even with her now blurry vision. "Already forgot you were out of ammo? Cute but stupid."

    Aliarey's blue eyes glared rebelliously despite her situation. He was wrong. She could return ammo to her normal weapons anytime she wanted for a price, and with her pistols that price was negligible. Using some of her magic energy the ammo within the pistol was restored to full capacity. This time when she pulled the trigger shots were fired. Blood splattered from the wound it caused in the arm with some of it even getting on her clothes and face. The man let go of her neck as he was in pain. That area was less protective than his torso had been.

    As the man continued his wailing over having a hole in his arm, Aliarey took the time to release a fit of coughing and catch her breath. That was a little close. Just as she thought she was somewhat back to normal she noticed the miner had sat up and was swinging his carving knife towards her face with his other hand. Her free hand reached up and caught his wrist, easily keeping the weapon from slicing her by surpassing his own strength. Her lineage ability had been activated and had boosted her strength to dangerous levels. "Lets get one thing straight, sicko," she said as she put her weapon back into its holster. It was no longer required. Once her hand was free of the object she clenched it into a fist and then punched Jacob in the face, knocking him to the ground and rendering him unconscious. "I am never out of ammo."

    Having now taken down the large man on the wanted ad all that was left was getting him to the town guard so she could get her reward. She tied him up using his meat hook chain and then started to drag him along the ground as she made her way to the town guard office. Normally he would of been too heavy to be moved in such a way but her lineage ability was still going and the destination wasn't too far. Unfortunately her strength evaporated as she came close to approaching the office. Luckily some of the members were on patrol and spotted the strange girl pulling a chained up body. They were going to start questioning her aggressively until one of them realized it was the man from the wanted ad that was chained up. Someone had actually caught the guy! They took over taking Jacob away, seeing to it that he would be locked up until he faced trial. Now all that was left was reward collection.

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