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    Jacob Goodnight [Job/Solo]


    Jacob Goodnight [Job/Solo] Empty Jacob Goodnight [Job/Solo]

    Post by Guest 23rd July 2015, 1:14 pm

    Job Description :

    look into my eyes
    look into my eyes
    Thunder boomed over Hargeon Town, the dark clouds over the coastal town making the night even darker than it already was. Not a single star to twinkle overheard, and the moon was no longer a source of light. The only thing to guide the few travelers through the night were the occasional flashes of distant lightning, and of course the flickering lacrima light that littered the streets. All of this created a rather ominous feel to the already eerie night, hardly anyone was on the streets late at night, no thanks to a certain miner.

    Jacob Goodnight

    A local miner who finally snapped, a feeling Shiro understood all to well, and had gone on a murder spree. "At least he's got style." The white haired woman grinned, looking downright devilish as she slipped through the allies of Hargeon, following the scent of the ocean breeze to lead her to the docks. She had found out about the situation while simply passing through. After hearing about the psycho murder, she had to stay and find him. Nothing got her blood pumping like a run in with death, when two killers met each other, and only one would come out victorious. "Not to mention Kuro won't be upset. Jacob's a bad person so I can kill him." Though it was rather tempting to let him live and create more chaos around Hargeon, but this town wasn't big enough for the two killers.

    Slipping out of a dark alley with all the stealth of a cat, the partial demon girl glanced around with her mismatched gaze. A chilly salt breeze, and the sound of the waves, was all the confirmation that Shiro needed to know that she had reached the docks. Clad in nothing but a long black sleeved shirt, that barely reached her upper thighs, the white haired demon picked her way across the empty street, following the sounds of the ocean. "There...." She vaulted off of the street, falling a few feet before her feet med the wooden planks of the docks. The docks were all but empty at this time of the night, no civilians lingering about, and any sailors had retired to their respective ships.

    "Not quite as empty as I thought..."

    A sinful grin played at her lips once more, even through the breeze, the waves, and the rocking of the ships about her, Shiro could pick out one noise that didn't belong. Bare feet padded their down the docks, carrying her closer and closer to the source of the noise. Salt from the ocean was heavy in the air, even the scent of oncoming rain, but there was another smell that she managed to pick through it all,


    Thick, metallic, but the kind that was in blood. Darting behind some forgotten cargo, the white haired demon peered out from behind her cover, eyes hardly needed to adjust to spot the man. He was a towering giant, and the two bodies at his feet would have been a sight for sore eyes. She watched for a moment or two, eyes watching at how the murderer known as Jacob Goodnight moved, seeing what he liked to do to his prey. Until, finally, she could learn no more for him, and if anything she seemed bored, almost disappointed in the killer.

    "You're not nearly as fun as I expected you to be."

    She stepped out from behind her cover, hands firm on her hips, white hair blowing back in the breeze, and her single red eye seemed to be blazing. The two stared at each other for a moment, one in confusion at the almost ghost like figure, and the other giving a rather arrogant smirk. It was an unspoken challenge, meant to annoy and aggravate the serial killer in Hargeon Town. At the very least her little smirk did just that. The man turned from his latest victims because now there was a new one before him, harsh ragged breaths escaped from him in excitement, a cleaver in one hand and a meat hook in the other, and a wicked sharp carving knife in his belt loop made the man look almost fearsome. It got Shiro's heart pounding and soon enough she was having a similar reaction to the giant across from her, ragged breathing, cracking her knuckles in anticipation, and most importantly her own weapons came out to play.

    A bright red burst of energy bubbled at her back, and with an almost painful sound three red tendrils escaped from their confinement within her. They swayed eagerly behind the demon, like a cat's tail. The sudden turn of events made the giant pause, he hadn't killed anyone with tendrils on their back before, but surely that would only make it more fun! It meant there was more for him to cut up! As lightning flashed in the distance, and the first drop of rain stuck the docks, the two clashed. Tendrils coiled around his arms as they tried to swing their weapons down upon the red flesh like tentacles. "Tch!" She grunted, the man was strong, at least enough to give her difficulty, having to dig her feet into the wood of the dock to at least hold her ground. Another grunt escaped Shiro's lips and with the nimbleness of a cat she released the man's arms and rolled out of the way. "Ah!" A shout as a cleaver dug into one of her tentacles, with a harsh yank she pulled it away from the cleaver. It stung nearly as bad as if the cleaver had been lodged into one of her own arms, and the blood that spilled forth from the tendril across the docks made her grit her teeth in anger. There was only one good thing about this....

    "Isn't this a nice knife you have here?"

    Voice thick with pain and the slightest bit of pleasure, a gleaming object waved about in one of her uninjured tentacles grasps. The carving knife that was once tucked in the his belt was now her's, and it seemed to enrage the large man. With an angry shout Jacob charged forward, surprisingly fast for his size, toward the white haired demon with his remaining weapons raised. "Hmph!" A smirk played at her lips, "Fortify." He brought his weapons down upon her tendrils hoping to injure them like he did to the other but much to his visible surprise his weapons bounced off of them. "My turn." His own knife was dug into belly, twisting the blade to make it hurt more, the two weapons in his hand clattering to the ground as he grunted in pain.

    "I told you this was a nice knife...."

    Her tendril brought the blade back to her, letting it fall into her pale hands as she examined it, licking the stray blood on the blade. "But you know what's nicer than this garbage of yours?" She kicked his two weapons upon the ground away, her foot getting a bad cut in the process. She stopped before Jacob, who was spouting curses and promises of what he would do to her once he recovered, but it fell upon deaf ears. Casting another spell upon her tendrils, one that would sharpen them dramatically, the two uninjured tendrils lodged themselves into the man's body, "These are much better than these silly tools of yours..."She twisted them causing the man to scream, "Especially, since I can feel through them. I can feel the beating of your heart, the coursing of your blood!" A wicked laugh, "And I can feel pain through them! Guess who caused me to feel that pain?" The injured tendril brought itself up slowly caressing the man's face,

    "You did."

    With that said all three tendrils gave a harsh shove, pushing the large man back and over the side of the dock. There was a large splash, the sound of flailing, but there was no way he could swim back to shore with three stab wounds in him. Just to be safe though, Shiro picked up Jacob's tools and tossed them in the ocean as well. Though, she paused when it came to the still blood slicked knife..... "I guess I'll be keeping this."

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