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    Too Earthland...And Beyond! [Solo]

    Mitsukuni Haninouka
    Mitsukuni Haninouka

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    Too Earthland...And Beyond! [Solo] Empty Too Earthland...And Beyond! [Solo]

    Post by Mitsukuni Haninouka 29th April 2015, 9:00 am

    Job Description:

    Mitsukuni would be walking down the street holding his bunny by his side like always, looking around, the wind blew threw the streets of the town his hair blowing in it. His bunny's ears flowing around randomly. He looked around at the stores kinda getting distracted by some stores. Along the way he past by the Lamia Scale he smiled seeing another good guild in Fiore. While he walked up to the crowd he saw the passport people. He sighed before walking up to the crowd he stood behind some people as he waited. Starting to get bored waiting, so he starting to look for a easier route.

    Mitsukuni sighed as he saw the crowd get worse. When he started to walk around he got pushed back by the people. "Hey that was mean!" He pouted his size was the size of a young boy so no one took him seriously. he walked around even more but he couldn't get around, so he decided to wait the line out. He stood in line for what felt like hours, before a family saw him started to cut, and he got a little mad at this. He held his arms up his body started to light up in a white aura.

    Mitsukuni stood there with the aura around him before pointing them at the people in front of him. He smiled when he pointed at them. "Time to change Retrogression Stance!" While everyone in front of him soon got smaller soon most families were his size, and he smiled as he started to walk threw the line as parents freaked out why they were younger. Mitsukuni smiled at them "I's ok im just gonna get my passport and you will be normal again." As he walked around the now smaller people he loved his magic it made people small like him which comes in handy.

    Soon he was grabbed by some other people in the crowed who weren't affected, and held him high in the air above the ground. "Hey let me go!" He shouted as he was set down his anger got the best of him and the people who were affected soon went back making him even more mad. "This isn't fair grrr." He looked down at the ground and sighed as his hair hung over his face. "I'm sorry im really nice but this is my Rage!!!" He shouted, as his white aura started to turn to a darker silver. "I wont use it to much but enough to get through." He said while he started to walk through the crowd

    Mitsukuni smiled when people tried to grab him. When they did they touch the aura and it feel ice cold but not the full "Silver Chaotica" that would make him Psycho as he walked up to the person giving out passports he took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the pink blue Pegasus mark on his back "I told you im good just dont make me mad " she gulped and said "I'm sorry but only Fifteen and higher" he glared at her "I'm Seventeen!" He yelled as she shivered giving him his passport. He put his shirt and jacket back on. As he walked away from the crowed his aura died down and looked back. "I hope to see you again." He said in a sweet tone and his face full of happiness.





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