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    One Heck Of An Entrance (private)


    One Heck Of An Entrance (private) Empty One Heck Of An Entrance (private)

    Post by Guest 22nd April 2015, 6:13 am

    Another regular day in Talonia? Not quite. All had been going as normal in the 'safe town' of the guildless mages. Deals being made, money being passed, people getting royally (and unroyally) drunk and it was just a general average day.

    And then the sky shattered.

    Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but not by much that was for sure. All of a sudden the sky seemed to tear itself asunder, a peculiar multicoloured void opening and sending cracks across the sky for what seemed like miles, coming to a halt far off in the horizon somewhere. From within the cracks fell countless black specks, many of which faded as they approached the ground below, but just as many that continued their journey downward. One of these specks would land smack bang in the middle of Talonia, sending shockwaves for a good mile around, with a dust cloud travelling even further afield than that. It would take a good five minutes or so before anyone would be able to see what had caused such a huge tremor, but only a matter of seconds to work out what it was from the figure on the ground; a young man in his late teens or early twenties (it was difficult to guess) was laid flat out on the ground, not a scratch upon his person as if he'd simply fallen to sleep right there. Nothing about him suggested he was anything special - with exception to his ridiculously humongous entrance at least - what with his basic clothing and skinnier-than-average physique.

    As his eyes squinted open he would just about make out figures approaching him. Yet his journey to Talonia had left him drained, unable to even open his mouth to speak, let alone try to move. It wasn't long before his eyes closed again, his consciousness succumbing to his wearied state.

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