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    Where the heck am I?[Open/Social]


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    Public Where the heck am I?[Open/Social]

    Post by Triple_Hell 11th November 2016, 11:05 pm

    The bustling city, an odd place for someone who smells like they walked all the way here. Actually wait. Haia did. She, most of the time, walks everywhere even it took her years. But she enjoys every moment of it.

    The hood covered her pig tail and casts a shadow upon her face, Orion's height stood out like a sore thumb, if thumbs were ironwood and capable of shooting things with arrows, quiver hung nicely on her waist. She makes her way past a crowd that gave her an odd look as she slowly looks up to admire the scenery. Pretty in her opinion.

    She looks back to the road, it was just her, her trusty long bow, its arrows and the hopes and dreams inside her on this daily travelling between lands. Just who may she encounter? Many, but their character always differs.


    Where the heck am I?[Open/Social] 21

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