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    Just Some More Vulcans, I guess. (Strange Vulcans Part One.)


    Just Some More Vulcans, I guess. (Strange Vulcans Part One.) Empty Just Some More Vulcans, I guess. (Strange Vulcans Part One.)

    Post by Guest 3rd April 2015, 7:49 pm

    So it was a somewhat good day, at least that's what the Wildheart thought. There wasn't anything to do, if you didn't count bartend, so he had the entire day to himself. In the morning-who am I kidding, Nikolai didn't wake up until approximately one in the Afternoon. Anyways, after he woke up, he put on a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and a pair of glasses hanging over his forehead, and left. And no, he didn't shower. All he did was spray on some perfume, rub on some deodorant, and walk out the door. So now we've got an ungroomed Wildheart roaming Fiore's streets. Whatever, not like we haven't seen anything more unusual than that. So Nikolai decided to go get some food, of course. When he entered whatever restaurant he was going to eat from(He usually never reads the logos, just goes in), the Wildheart met a line of about thirty people, loosely arranged around the black rope for keeping order. When he went to go get his food, he ordered a giant cheeseburger, typical, and- Let's just say he ordered large everything. So he went to go sit down when he saw a paper on his seat. It said "Help needed".

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