Soul Searching

    Alie and Ariel

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    Re: Soul Searching

    Post by Alie and Ariel on 17th September 2015, 11:44 am

    Ariel climbed up the matted fur to sit with her sister and the strange little creature they picked up on their travels through this darkened hell hole. The first thing that went the twins’ minds upon sitting down was why they were not falling through the creature and onto the floor. From what they had noticed was that these monsters were made of shadows and usually were dispersed when attacked. This seemed that it only turned to shadow when it considered itself attacked. Clearly there were more to these beasts than what they originally thought upon entering this space.  The beast turned with a grunt and began to follow the little lightning bug that was Lexa. Her strange little friend following behind.

    Alie held onto the little dark creature with one arm, and her sister with the other. Not being able to see was starting to screw with her. She felt fur, movement and her sister next to her. A small clicking sound resonated in her ears as the beast’s feet walked along the stone floor. It was definitely a strange feeling, though she was slowly starting to adjust. She could feel the beast’s body moving to the side with each step, her sister breathing. She could feel a faint heat from the light coming from the woman in front of her. She felt nothing behind her but heard Taranis’ foot steps and she relaxed a little.

    They continued to follow Lexa’s light, Captain Fluff, the twins and the weird little dark creature curled up on Alie’s lap and appeared to be sleeping. Ariel was looking around, trying to compensate for her lack of hearing. She was always glancing behind her just in case something popped out of the shadows at her. The little creature in Alie’s lap suddenly shot up in her lap. It stood there unmoving for a moment before it tried to hop off and run away, Ariel swiped at it quickly and grabbed it. Putting it back in her sister’s lap. It was then at Captain Fluff stopped and snarled ahead of them. Ripples ran along it’s body as it’s hair stood on end. As Lexa’s light shone it revealed what gave their new friends such a scare; there on a small raised platform was a mirror. It looked like a wall mirror someone would have in their room, framed by stone angels holding it around the edges. But guarding it were 3 more of the dark beasts, these were much much larger than the one’s encountered before and had…spikes? They looked like spikes but seemed to sway a little as they turned their heads toward the group. “Not good. Not good at all.” Ariel said a little loudly, “what? What isn’t good?” Alie asked back, hoping to get a hold of the situation.


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    Re: Soul Searching

    Post by Lexa Grimoire on 21st September 2015, 8:19 pm

    Traveling through the darkness with the two twins riding their befriended shadow beast, appropriately named Captain Fluff. To the best of Lexa's knowledge, one of the twins was blinded and the other was just fine. Because of this, her team was running at reduced efficiency and Lexa would be obligated to take the lead yet again. She stopped when she saw a large, white platform up ahead with a pair of mirrors adorned with seraphs. The group got closer to the item, not much closer fortunately, when a trio of shadow beasts emerged from the darkened world around them. These were unusual, unique in every way when compared to captain fluff's type. They were larger, a good three feet or so more massive than the woolly beast the twins were riding on. It had silver fur instead of black, and on its shoulder were a series of spikes. Its horn was radiating black energy, easily visible as they turned to face the group of humans. Lexa heard the twins comment on the beast, the one who was blind asked a question as she was unable to see anything, but Lexa realized their situation when the other didn't reply. -tch- "Taranis, one of them's def, the other's blind get up front." Lexa said with a stern voice. "Alie, stay with captain fluff. If you can provide any support then do it." She instructed the blind twin.

    Taranis ran up front with his claw ready to go. Lexa gave a quick spin while slashing the air with her sword calling for her angelic ally. "Gabriella!" she called out, causing a light to engulf her. When it subsided, an angel was present with the group, allowing the fight to be 3 v 4, 3 v 5 is Alie was in the position to help.

    HP: 105%
    MP: 80%

    Lexa +20% Defense

    Heal - 2 posts

    Gabriel's Blade ability 1 activated:
    Name: Gabriel's Blade
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    Type: Sword
    A 3' long blade made of a strange metal that seems to hum when not fighting, the guard of the sword is non-existent. There are golden accents around the hilt, and the grip is made of a leather that is lined with the same material as the blade it self. The grip is 7 inches long in total, and the hilt is another five inches. Despite its long size, Gabriel's Blade can be wielded with only one hand if you can pick up 14lbs with one hand. Instead of being stored in a scabbard, the sword is wrapped up in a string that's attached where the guard should be. This sword is carried on Lexa's back.

    Gabriel's blade is the one being held in this picture:

    Very Sturdy, can resist spells up to A rank
    Lightweight sword, can be wielded in 1 hand
    Allows Lexa to focus her magic on armour

    Can be blocked by weapons/spells/equipment of equal or greater rank
    Can be dodged by players of equal/greater rank
    Has a limited range (3ft the length of the blade)
    Not very easy to hide as it's 4ft long in total, that's only 11 inches shorter than Lexa

    Name: Gabriel's Voucher
    Rank: Equal to Lexa's Rank (Max A)
    Duration: 4 Posts
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Lexa slashes the air in front her with Gabriel's Blade and a light shines down from the heavens. Out of this light emerges an angel with two swords. This angel can take 2 hits of damage equal to his rank, or 1 hit of the rank above him before she dies.


    Blessings of Rigour - While Gabriella is on the field, Lexa has a +20% Defense boost.

    Smite - The angel lifts her hand in the air on the first post shooting a boll of light upwards, and on the second post a 20 meter wide (diameter) ray of light blasts the field dealing 1.5x damage equal to the Angel's rank to all enemies. The diameter of this ray of light is increased by +15 meters per rank, capping at A rank.

    While the angel is on the field, Lexa gains a defensive boost
    The angel's active attack is pretty cool
    Angel can act as a much needed Damage Dealer while Lexa distracts the opponent

    Angel can only take 2 hits(or the equivilant) of equal rank before she dies
    Angel's attacks can be blocked by weapons, spells, and equipment of equal or greater rank
    Angel's 'Blessing of Rigour' ends when the angel dies/runs out of time
    Angel's 'Smite' requires 2 posts to take effect

    Name: Angelic Strike
    Rank: Equal to Lexa's (Max A)
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    This can only be done while Lexa is drawing Gabriel's Blade. The spirit of an angel attacks in the exact same spot as Lexa when she draws her sword and strikes an opponent. This attack is quite easy to dodge if the opponent can dodge the blade itself. When this attack is used, a second sword can be seen swinging behind Lexa's sword, in the exact same direction at the same speed, just a good foot behind the sword.

    Very quick shot of damage
    Good for a first strike kind of deal
    Looks pretty

    Can be dodged very easily (after Lexa's sword hits, take a step back or dodge Lexa's blade entirely...)
    Can be blocked by spells, or equipment of equal or greater rank
    Spell can be consumed by Light Slayers
    Requires Lexa to get within melee range


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