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    Kiersa Bec


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    Kiersa Bec Empty Kiersa Bec

    Post by JaffaArchfiend on 15th July 2014, 1:56 pm

    Name: Kiersa Bec
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Birthday:  05/25
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics:  A jagged scar on the small of the back, that part where you can’t reach yourself.

    Outside of battle: She is a gentle, somewhat timid person, more likely to just go along with whatever is asked of her than confront it, so long as it doesn’t defy the teachings she grew up with that is. If a request does this however, she just shakes her head and refuses to do it unless an alternative is suggested that doesn’t break her moral code.

    She was raised to always put the needs of others before her own, to never jeapordise the safety of those without magic in any form of magical combat, respect and obey her elders (even if it’s by only a month or so), and to put her life on the line to bring down any and all Demons. The only exception to that being those who are simply assuming the form of a demon via Take Over Magic.

    Rarely will she ever speak her mind, instead simply choosing to go with the flow of the group to keep everybody happy. She tends to shut down though if her own actions are the ones causing the group to be upset, rapidly trying to apologise and offering to make amends in whatever way possible.

    Her own naivety can get the better of her sometimes though as innuendos and such gestures just simply go over her head. It doesn’t help matters much in that area that she was raised to love all people, regardless of gender or creed. That and the fact that she adores bunnies doesn’t help her case either.

    In battle: Kiersa would rather protect a team-mate or civilian than herself if in a battle situation. Her magical style reinforces this notion of self-sacrifice for the greater good, even to the point of near martyrdom if she isn’t careful through her healing and shields. She’d obey any orders in battle without much question, again only hesitating if they would conflict with her ethics and code, but she’d go through with it if that’s what the leader thinks best for the battle, trusting completely in their judgement. Her own desires mean little in combat if it means completing the mission.

    As a leader herself however, her first priority for her team would be to minimise collateral damage, almost to the point of restricting her team-mates from going all-out if it meant innocent people would get harmed. Before any battle though she’d try to talk and reason with the enemy, even if she knows that it wouldn’t work at all. Suffice it to say, she would offer the position to someone else almost immediately beforehand if she thought it would benefit the whole team better to have someone else but her leading them.

    This of course goes all out the window if the enemy uses Darkness or Shadow magics, or is a Demon or Undead. At that point her only focus is in smiting the enemy, no matter the cost. The original mission means naught in the face of what she considers evil… even if in doing so she winds up dragging her team-mates along for the ride.

    • Strawberries. They’re her favourite fruit, particularly if they’re freshly picked.
    • Bunnies. They are cute and adorable and why wouldn’t anyone like bunnies? It was her task at the convent to take care of the rabbit hutch.
    • Quiet places. All the better to meditate on the wonders of the world and collect your thoughts.

    • Manipulators. Whilst she doesn’t disapprove of lying persay, she does detest those who do so to manipulate others for their own goals.
    • Selfish people. Everything that is done should be for the good of many, not just yourself in her eyes.
    • God Slayer wizards. She just cannot understand why anyone would seek to slay a God…

    • The desire to protect and heal others as taught by the convent.
    • To atone for her greatest mistake in judgement
    • To get stronger so she can truly utilise the lessons she was taught.

    • A fear of the dark. Ever since she was little, the dark held a special place in her nightmares for some reason or another.
    • A fear of spiders. Born out of the fact that the demon which destroyed the convent was shaped like one, any time Kiersa sees a spider’s shadow, she briefly flashbacks.
    • Fears dying before she can obtain her atonement.
    • Demon Slayer Wizards. Whilst yes they use their magic to slay demons, the fact that they had to learn it from a demon in the first place… and the memories of her last encounter with a demon…

    General Appearance

    Height: 5 feet.
    Weight: 81 lbs
    Hair: Blonde and is normally straight down, reaching just past her shoulders.
    Eyes: Green
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance:  Kiersa tends to keep herself tidy, wearing only the clothes she left the convent in, that being her habit, robes, the pouch on her belt, and a pair of thigh high boots.

    She does this more as a sign of respect and constant reminder of where she came… combined with the fact that any money she does make either goes towards her rent, food (mostly strawberries of some form or another), and the rest that is left over is sent to various charities wherever she lives, leaving her effectively penniless most of the time.

    She wears the guild crest on the back of her habit as a sort of insignia.


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    Kiersa Bec Empty Re: Kiersa Bec

    Post by Grizzly on 15th July 2014, 4:26 pm



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