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    Marrow-Sealed Leviathan


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    Marrow-Sealed Leviathan Empty Marrow-Sealed Leviathan

    Post by Tsykotics 16th May 2024, 9:00 am

    Lineage Name: Marrow Sealed Leviathan
    Wielder: Siria Glazcer
    Purchase Proof

    Siria is a magically enhanced Super Soldier designed and crafted by the Pergrande government in secret. Using the blood of a powerful magical beast who could extend bones from their body to use as magical conduits, she gained this ability as well as other monstrous traits, but at the cost of her humanity. Once her conscious mind is no longer able to hold onto her sanity due to blood loss and damage, instinct takes over logic and programming and she becomes a true monster among men.

    • Siria can see in low-light environments and detect others who have been magically modified.
    • All spells with the "Blood Magic" tag Siria casts deal an extra 10% damage.
    • Siria can speak a key phrase to unseal her true monstrous nature. The ability activates over 1 post, dealing 20% of their current HP to her. The form remains active for the rest of the fight or until she is no longer conscious. While the form is active, it deals 1HP damage to her per post and is active for 10 posts. It can only be activated once per thread.
    • While active, all spells Siria casts gain the "Blood Magic" tag if it did not have it, and can no longer cost MP. The HP cost is equal to twice the MP cost of the spell(as denoted in Tables and FAQs.)
    • If Siria's current HP falls below 50% of their current max health, she gains an additional 10% damage boost to all of her spells, but flies into a blind rage, unable to discern friend from foe.

      Current date/time is 26th May 2024, 6:10 pm