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    Moving On


    Moving On Empty Moving On

    Post by Guest 30th March 2024, 12:06 pm

    Hey guys,

    It has reached the point for me where I simply have to say goodbye to this website.

    For the last two years or so, I've pretty much had to carry this place on my back in terms of staffwork and I simply can't do it anymore. I feel as though my love for the site has been completely exploited by both members and staff, with me being thought of as little more than a bot at this point, one who is being unfairly blamed for the lack of activity on this site.

    I frankly no longer care about whether this site survives and I have no desire to even post here anymore. I can't do any more and it appears that the current staff/owner don't wish to help either. I'm not going to sit here and watch another site I care about slowly die, so I'm going now.

    I will delete my accounts before I go, so there is no reason for me to return.

    I'm so sorry to those I was writing with, as you guys have been the only reason that I've been able to remain here so long.



    Twilight Dragon

    Twilight Dragon

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    Moving On Empty Re: Moving On

    Post by Akeya 30th March 2024, 1:18 pm

    Since you've already deleted your accounts I doubt you're going to read this, but I'm writing this anyway because fuck it I do what I want.

    I think it's a shame we never RPed together, and I think I'm one of many who greatly appreciates all the work you've done for this site. Frankly I'm impressed at the amount of effort you clearly put into this.

    In the same vein I couldn't imagine blaming you for current activity levels. Whatever factors might possibly play a role in the decrease in activity I'm positive you aren't one of them.

    I generally don't really make people feel appreciated because I figure other people are both better at it and more comfortable doing it, but this is worth saying.

    So, wherever you're going after this, even if you never read this, I wish you good luck.


    Moving On Akeya2
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    Moving On Empty Re: Moving On

    Post by RF007 30th March 2024, 4:02 pm

    Sorry to see you go, Med. I am one of those members who has had the pleasure of RPing with you here, albeit briefly, so I can definitely assure you that I enjoyed that thoroughly. Additionally, I have also had the benefit of your expert guidance on balancing and optimizing various apps I have put up in the past, so I can also definitely assure you that you are not at all the reason for lowered site activity. That said, I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.


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