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    Halloween Havoc


    Halloween Havoc Empty Halloween Havoc

    Post by Guest 22nd October 2023, 5:31 am

    The dark haired woman had no idea just how she had ended up following this ghoulish figure around but Sabriel was now exploring the graveyard of Hargeon Town alongside half a dozen other people. It had not been a part of her plan and already the blood loving being was close to drawing her weapon and cutting down everyone who looked at her wrong. The graveyard was not helping a great deal either at soothing her lust, in fact if anything, it was only magnifying the feeling. It had been too long since her sword had last shed some of the lovely red liquid. Oddly enough, none of the oddly dressed people around her seemed the slightest bit bothered that she was wielding such a weapon but then again, they were wearing odd outfits, so perhaps they were accustomed to such things.

    Her rather bloodthirsty thoughts were soon interrupted when the graves around her suddenly began to shake and soon enough, skeletons began to climb out of them, seemingly unhappy with the interruption. The humans around her would flee for their lives like the cowards they were, whereas Sabriel simply drew her sword and leapt at the undead creations, her blade cutting through them like a hot knife through butter. They stood little chance against a warrior of her caliber and soon enough the ground around her was littered with the bones of the creatures. Unfortunately, there was little in the way of blood but Sabriel at least took the slightest bit of pleasure from getting her blade dirty. Still, they did not just vanish into the night and after the first wave, a second emerged, wanting to end her right then and there. There was no chance of that though and she battered them all over the place, performing a desecration of the graveyard that would upset the strongest of stomachs. The fight probably lasted about ten minutes in total, mostly due to the fact that they just kept coming but soon enough it was done.

    Once it was over, she would clamber back over the fence and towards the ghoulish guide, who was still standing there, a smile across his ghostly features. With a nod, he would deposit into her hand a ticket of some sort, before pointing towards an area across the town, where a great deal of noise and activity was taking place. Unable to speak, he would simply point to the tickets and then raise 4 fingers, before vanishing into nothing, leaving the sword wielder alone again.

    Raising an eyebrow but with nothing else on her agenda for the day, the silent warrior would make her towards the festival, ready for whatever task that she would be forced to take part in. She had no idea whether it would be violent or two but she certainly hoped so, as the fight with the skeletons had aroused her thrill of the fight. If she could not find what she sought then perhaps a little spree would be in order.

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    Halloween Havoc Empty Re: Halloween Havoc

    Post by Guest 23rd October 2023, 2:23 pm

    By the time she reached the festival, Sabriel was rather curious about what was going on around her. The entire event seemed to be about scaring people to death and the dark haired woman certainly approved of that. She wandered past stalls by the dozen but found little to interest her and by the time Sabriel actually found something to do, it had almost reached the point where she was about to simply draw her sword and cut loose. As it was, she came across a woman stirring a large cauldron, looking like a witch of some kind. She was a beautiful woman and attracted the dark mage into heading over towards her, curious.

    The witch explained that her stall was all about potion making and that by creating her own, Sabriel might just experience something that she would never forget. It was awfully vague but the swordwielder was intrigued enough to have a go and once she was led to a cauldron of her own, the woman would begin to pour various liquids into it. Soon enough, a surprisingly pleasant smell would start to come from hers, enough that even the witch had to smile and nod at her attempt. It took about 15 minutes altogether and by the time she was done, Sabriel had a lilac coloured potion ready to go, surprising herself with her apparent skill in the field.

    When it came to tasting, Sabriel wasted no time in trying out the potion herself, curious to see just what she had managed to come up with. It tasted rather sweet although at first nothing seemed to happen and a frown crossed the features of the dark mage as she waited. That was not what she had been promised but just as she was about to take matters into her own hands, she felt a strange sensation between her shoulder blades, followed by a sudden sprouting of a pair of angelic wings. They were rather fancy and the witch whistled as she looked them over in an approving fashion.

    Sabriel did not quite agree though and looked rather peeved with the result, unhappy with having her past thrown quite literally in her face in such a way. Holy beings were the last creatures that she wished to see and in her annoyance, her head snapped back around to the woman, looking more angered by the moment. The witch trembled for a moment but to her great surprise, the dark mage would wrap an arm around her and pull her into a powerful kiss. Clearly, there was more to the potion than just a pair of wings and without any further thought, Sabriel would carry the woman off, looking for a bit of privacy.

    By the time the pair returned, the witch was looking incredibly red in the face but she seemed happy with what had happened. With a giggle, she would give Sabriel her second ticket and the pair would then part ways. Perhaps the festival would be more entertaining than she had first thought.

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    Halloween Havoc Empty Re: Halloween Havoc

    Post by Guest 24th October 2023, 8:28 am

    Still a little irritated with her wings although considerably happier than she had been when they had first formed, Sabriel would continue to wander past the stores, keeping a wary out for all that was going on around her. She was uncertain as to what to expect at that point and her right hand was lying directly on top of her blade, a sign of just how quick she would be to react to danger. There was something odd about this festival and the black haired woman desired to know just what that was and one way or another, she would find out what.

    As she moved, the dark mage would notice something out of the corner of her eye and as she turned and drew her blade, a looming shadow would leap towards her, enveloping her in moments. It was a foul feeling and as Sabriel swung wildly at the darkness around her, a slight sense of foreboding would begin to trickle into her mind. Whatever this shadow was doing had something to do with her mind and considering how long the warrior had already spent in darkness, she had no interest in spending any more time in such a place.

    It could have been a minute, a week or a year but eventually a figure emerged, heading towards her. An angelic figure wielding a staff in one hand and a sword in another. Sabriel recognised the weapons alright and without a moment of pause, lunged forwards and attacked, resulting in a clashing of weapons. He was the one who had imprisoned her at the order of her father, all those years ago and despite her common sense telling her that he was dead, her anger and rage would not have it. She felt entirely for whatever trick the shadow was pulling, engaging her foe aggressively. Her strikes were horrific in their intensity and she battered her foe constantly, her blood blade pushing him further and further back. There was no mercy or hesitation and she absolutely butchered him until there was nothing left but a puddle of dark liquid on the ground or what seemed to be the ground.

    Yet she was unable to celebrate her victory for long, as the darkness around her soon faded away, leaving her back where she started, another ticket in hand. Sabriel had no idea what had happened but her sword had clearly cut something, given the crimson texture on the blade. Whether it had been real or not was a matter that she would ponder about for some time but it seemed that whatever it had been, she had passed the challenge and was one step closer to completing her objective.

    Moving on, she would search for a task that would give her the final ticket that she needed and eventually, her eyes would rise to see a massive roller coaster. Intrigued, Sabriel would approach the monstrosity and clamber into one of the seats, raising an eyebrow as she fastened herself in and the safety bar came down.

    What would this have in store?

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    Halloween Havoc Empty Re: Halloween Havoc

    Post by Guest 24th October 2023, 1:35 pm

    For the first minute or so, not an awful lot and the ride was rather quiet and tranquil, much to Sabriel’s chagrin. She had expected far more than that and a look of almost boredom crossed her features as she glanced around at the scenery. A part of her wanted to just duck out at this point and leave but if this was to be the last task then she figured she may as well finish. The coaster would go over a couple of small rises but nothing too strenuous and the dark mage truly began to wonder whether it would ever pick up speed.

    Eventually though, the coaster would start to climb towards the first peak and the mage could feel the other people on the machine suck in a deep breath, seeming to be preparing for the worst. Sabriel did not though and simply remained as she was, looking thoroughly unimpressed. The coaster would rise and rise until it reached the peak and then suddenly go over the edge, sending the group down on a downward spiral and that was where things started to change, for the angel felt a blast of magic strike her in the face and her sight began to falter for a few moments. Like with the shadow before, something unusual was happening.

    She would start to see images in her mind, ones that were from millenia ago. Her past and the torturous prison that she was forced to live in for all that time. An eternity of blackness that never ended and it was truly no wonder that she had eventually lost her mind. It was a torture beyond any other and by the time she was released, she could and did slaughter everyone in her path. Those pictures flickered into her mind too and she revelled in them. On her release, there had been no male angels, only her sisters and cousins, so they had been the ones to fall to her. They had no chance against her rage and honestly, very few had fought back, as though they had already given up on life. It was so pleasurable for Sabriel though and those kills were ones that she would never forget.

    The coaster would rise and fall along the track but Sabriel lost all notion of what was going on, lost in the recesses of her own mind. The trip would only be about ten minutes but for the dark haired woman, it could have been like a lifetime, reliving it all again. By the time the ride finally came to a stop, Sabriel’s normally slitted eyes were wide open and there was a smile on her face that could turn a man to stone. Exiting the ride and receiving her final ticket, she would then head towards the exit, her sword baying out for blood as usual.

    For a human festival, it had been rather entertaining after all.

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