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    Copycat Havoc

    Majora Magica
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    Copycat Havoc  Empty Copycat Havoc

    Post by Majora Magica 3rd April 2021, 7:11 pm


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    OOC: Asher managed to rub two brain cells together go him

    Asher considered himself a pretty social guy, always taking twice the amount of time walking around town because of how many people he ends up stopping to help or chat with. These days people have even started to remember him and stop him themselves! It’s rather flattering really, to be stopped by the kind tea grandma for a cup, the blacksmith to test his strength on some new metal, or for some local girls his age for… whatever they ask for in the end (it’s usually really rather odd, why would they want to see him shirtless?). Anyways, that also has the added benefit (?) of Asher being up to date on the local news and gossip. And one of the main points of gossip these days was the mysterious copycat who had been recently impersonating various Sabretooth members. While usually, this was as good as walking yourself into jail and begging to be arrested for criminals, it seemed the copycat had only impersonated minor members and had only done small pranks, thus the guild had only half-heartedly investigated them. Mostly since it was something the local Rune Knights could handle for once.

    While Asher, who had been sent on an errand to get some new tables, had some worry over the matter, he listened to his friends and mostly let it slide after their reassurance. But he couldn’t help imagining, with a small guilty chuckle, if the copycat copied the appearance of say, Gaia or Victoria or Kenna, and started to do silly things. Or copying Mai and acting well behaved! Any situation would have people scandalized, and the copy mage would go ‘poof’ from his guildmate's fury. Not that he’d want some innocent prankster to go poof! But it was still funny to think about.

    It was around then that Asher noticed something odd. He had walked an entire block down the main street and nobody had stopped him yet! Looking around to a few familiar faces, he found some people squinting at him, others giving slightly spooked looks, and some even glaring! Asher was very startled by this sudden change and was about to question the nearest person when someone called his name. It was the Tea Granny with her friends around her stalls chairs like usual. “Come here, boy!” She called and Asher approached but before he would open his mouth she demanded “There! Stay still right there while we look at you… Hmmm…. Yup, it’s him, no black streak and polite as ever! See I told you old goats it was the copycat!” She scolds the complaining women around her and hears people murmuring all around the market square. “The copycat?” Asher asks, startled. Tea Granny looks at him with pity. “It seems you’re the next victim, my boy. He was just through here making a ruckus, headed over toward the fountain. Best stop him before he causes more trouble with your face.” She informs him, and Asher was already thanking her over his shoulder as he ran.

    Near the fountain, Asher was making the girls he usually talked to very uncomfortable with some inappropriate wording and impactions, but just enough like Asher to make them feel hurt and confused. He had just been about to reach over to grab one’s arm with his gauntleted hand when the exact same one grabbed his wrist to stop him! “You shouldn't make people uncomfortable Mr. Copycat.” Asher scolds with a frown, awed by looking into his almost exact mirror image at the same time. The feeling didn’t stop as the copycat wrenched his wrist away and said “Who are you?! You know it’s really rude to take people's faces and say mean things with it.” He scolds Asher with the exact same tone and body language.

    “But you’re the copycat?” Asher points out. “Um, no? Pretty sure you’re the copycat?” Other Asher shoots back with a perturbed look. They shoot back and forth with this exclamation for a while, to everyone’s in the square’s exasperation, before Other Asher proclaims. “I’m sorry, you're being really rude! And copying me and my guildmates is not nice! I’m going to have to take you into Sabreto-“ “Ok.” “… What?” Other Asher asked in pure surprise. “I mean, I’ll have to take you into the guild anyways for those reasons, right? If you’re willing to come, they can probably easily tell who’s really me. Who’s Asher? Anyways, let's get going.” Asher says with cheer, thumb pointed over his shoulder in the direction to the guild. He could go get the tables after.

    This proclamation confused everyone in the square (including people from the market who migrated over to see the drama). After all, Asher was not famous for his intelligence, not at all. But that was actually a reasonably smart answer. This actually made the crowd more confused over who’s who, though most could easily see the Asher who stood up for the girls as the real one who seemed to have a big brain moment.

    Other Asher was completely baffled. Wasn’t this guy supposed to be an idiot?! That was why the Copycat was unafraid of impersonating him, he figured even if they met, he could easily getaway. But now he was about to get caught. No! He wouldn’t go to jail! With that thought, Other Asher, with a look of fury, screamed out “Ocean Demon Slayer Roar!” A vortex of water coming out of his mouth. Knowing there were civilians behind him, Asher took the hit and drew his sword.

    The battle was difficult since neither could do much damage or absorb the other water. But after drinking all of the water of the fountain and some of Tea Granny’s Special Magical Tea, Asher managed to enter Demon Slayer Force and, well, basically beat the imposter into submission with his magic, swords, and at one point, fists. In the end, Asher was pretty beat up, and the fountain square a bit wrecked (he had to take ALL of the attacks), but no civilians were harmed.

    It was just as Asher had dragged the Copycat, who still looked like him, into the guildhall, proved his identity and almost passed out that he remembered. The tables. Getting up despite his aching body and protests from his friends, Asher raced out of the building to get to the carpenters before they closed for the day.



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