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    The Haunted Mask


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    The Haunted Mask Empty The Haunted Mask

    Post by SlayerMathis 13th October 2023, 10:42 am

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    The cold winds of autumn swept through Mathis' hair. He looked around at the quaint Oak Town, a place he often found himself enjoying a visit to. Poppi had scouted the place out before, and Mathis made his way here. Lethe recommended that he visit one of these Hallows' Eve events, something along the lines of him spending too much time tinkering away in his room. Despite his protestations, she won out in the end, and so it was the ancient Alrestian that made his way out to the town of history's words. The sun was setting, leaving him ready for an apt time, something that Adenine had recommended that he follow suit in. "The holiday out here is one regarding spirits and scares," she had said, flipping through one of her books. "While I'm sure places would have events going on during the daytime, there's a higher preference for people to participate in nighttime activities."

    And that was what led the white-haired Blade to here, all in full. Poppi was likely somewhere already participating in the actions, but it was up to Mathis to find out for himself what it was that he wanted to do. Big, public events were never the strong suit of his, rather just being something that he often tried to avoid at any necessary moment. Assassins, riots, too much unpredictable nature could happen at these parties. Plus, they were dreadfully loud. Still, he sighed, beginning to walk into town. Stalls were established all along the street sides, elderly vendors offering costumed children candies, a pair of young-looking men in cat costumes were offering others some small toys and trinkets, all hand-made, and these kids themselves were chatting amongst themselves, talking and sharing what they got with others.

    "Hm...I suppose one of the Blades would not be terribly out of place here..." Mathis mused to himself as he browsed the stalls. "Herald, please do your best not to scare any of the children."

    A blue light glimmered beside Mathis as the dragon-mecched Blade materialized. "If you were worried about me scaring them, why not bring someone else?"

    Mathis chuckled. "I thought you could use the amusement. Plus, perhaps some would see it as-"

    He was interrupted by a pair of small children, no elder than twelve, running up to him. "Woah!" the blonde-haired boy said with wide eyes.

    "That's an awesome costume!" the brunette girl agreed.

    "Both of you! Is your mask haunted!?"

    The girl shrieked. "I bet it is! C'mon, let's get it checked!"

    Without allowing for time for either Blade or Driver to respond, the duo rushed off, leaving Mathis and Herald dumbfounded.

    "Well," Herald mused, a rare smile on her face. "I suppose we ought to go check it out."

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