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    Persona Mask (WIP)


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    Persona Mask (WIP) Empty Persona Mask (WIP)

    Post by Temperance on 26th April 2020, 8:23 am

    Persona Mask

    Persona Mask (WIP) Dt3yI8b

    Link to Magic Tied To
    Rank: XXX
    Proof of Purchase: XXX
    Type: Magic Item - Mask
    Durability: N/A (Holder-Type Item. Cannot be destroyed.)
    The Persona Mask-- the physical manifestation of the inner personalities that dwell within one's self. For the case of Temperance, her mask takes on an elegant design of black and golden accents. A red gem is located in the center of it near the ridge of the mask. While the mask can change in subtle nuances of design, it keeps the same motif. The mask disappears and reappears in flashes of blue fire-- when conjured, or used to manifest the Persona that the mask represents. It still obscures one's identity all the same.

    Persona Mask (WIP) SQAA7gz


    Invigorate: - A Rank (Lower for Rank)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Effect: The mask casts an enchantment upon the wearer as bound to the user's magic and soul. While worn, the mask restores 5% of MP to the owner per post.

    Rebel Soul: - A+ Rank (Lower for Rank)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type:  Passive
    Effect: The power of the mask manifests not just one's personality, but also enables one to act without fear. When using Persona's , spell damage the summons and summoner uses is increased by 90%.

    Holder-Type Abilities:
    (Ranks up to User Rank Caps at S.)

    Spell Master: - A Rank (Lower for Rank)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Effect: Summons performing a Persona Mask are different as the user and the 'summon' are one of the same. A physical manifestation of the wielder's heart. As a result, the use of spells for the Personas require 50% less MP for their costs.

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