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    Charlotte de Valois (Lottie)


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    Charlotte de Valois (Lottie)  Empty Charlotte de Valois (Lottie)

    Post by Roxxelle 20th September 2023, 12:01 am

    Charlotte de Valois (Lottie)  Letta_10

    Name: Charlotte de Valois (Lottie)
    Gender:  Female
    Age:  17
    Birthday:  December 26th
    Sexuality:  unknown
    Special Characteristics:  None


    Lottie is a strange young girl, born into the de Valois family name however not viewed as a "proper" member of the family on account of her being born of different blood to her idealized sister. Her mother holds the family name, while her father married into the family after her mother was previously widowed.

    Another reason Lottie is somewhat ostracized is that she carries the 'curse' of her fathers bloodline. Oft the curse skips generations, with Lottie being the first in 3 generations to have a strong connection with the dead. Seeing beyond the veil and being able to communicate and form bonds with the departed.

    Claire de Valois, Lottie's elder sister, whisked her away late one night and Lottie has been at her side ever since.

    Key Traits:
    Reserved - Often seen as unfeeling, Lottie is really reserved in her emotions. From years of being seen as lessor or cursed, she keeps her emotions in check. Steering clear of most conversations, doesn't mean she isn't listening there just might be more for her to keep track of, with the dead lingering around.

    Kind Hearted - Lottie cares very deeply for others in need. More often she acts for the departed, finding things that no one but the dead knew of. That sometimes comes off as a little strange.





    • Séance - Lottie enjoys sitting in the company of the departed. Lighting candles and assisting the dead in their passing on to the next realm or just being amongst the unfortunate who can not pass on.

    • Creatures marred by superstitions - Black Cats, Owls, snakes, reptiles and amphibians. Any creature who is a bad omen she considers a friend; although she knows not to cross them as well.

    • Astrology - Holds a large belief in the study of the stars; and the powerful hold that the planetary alignments have over the sway of life.

    Ignorance -
    Crowded spaces - Lottie dislikes when too many people are gathered both alive or otherwise. Usually it is both at the same time. Oft the dead follow their loved ones and gatherings become twice as crowded for Lottie who sees beyond the veil of death.
    Daytime - Its so bright


    Abandonment - While most of the de Valois family doesnt really consider Lottie at all, she is deeply afraid of being abandoned by the few people she holds dear.

    General Appearance

    Height:  155cm - 5'1"
    Weight:  45kg
    Hair Color:  Light Blue
    Eye Color:  Toasted Almond
    Skin Tone:  Ghostly Pale

    Lottie has a extremely thin build. Almost looks gaunt from some angles. Has a beauty mark under her right eye.
    Clothes of soft frilly fabric, like a nightgown. Spends much of the time barefoot, although also has a small pair of ballet flats.

    Guild:  Meliora Vitae
    Tattoo:  Left Ankle
    Tattoo Color:  Light Blue

    Faction: -
    Faction Chapter: -

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