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    Claire de Valois [w.i.p]


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    Claire de Valois [w.i.p] Empty Claire de Valois [w.i.p]

    Post by Antriel 16th September 2023, 1:10 am

    Claire de Valois [w.i.p] Lux_7

    Name: Claire de Valois
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Birthday: 23rd of the 7th
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics:

    Personality: A scion of the de Valois family Claire is intelligent, vain and self confident. Her father was a talented mage who died shortly after her birth. Heroically sacrificing himself to save innocents. Claire has idolized him ever since she was a child.
    Her mother remarried three years after her fathers death and soon gifted her with a precious younger sister.

    As a child Claire rebelled against her strict upbringing. Acting like a tomboy rather than a proper noble young lady. A natural leader she headed up a group of local kids including her younger half-sister that caused trouble all over town. It was during this time of her life that she met several members of her current team. Her childhood friends Melina, Riley and Nolan.

    She mellowed out as she grew. Beginning to act more ladylike and taking much greater care of her appearance. But never abandoning the friends she had made.

    When her step father began to discuss marriage proposals. Intending to marry her off as a bargaining chip to aid his businesses. Claire left home to become a mage like her biological father. Dragging her sister and childhood friends along with her.

    Key Traits:
    Confident: Claire is intelligent, pretty and capable and she knows it. Rarely one to second guess herself or worry about her self worth.

    Domineering: Claire is usually right and rarely seeks out others opinions. They can often run roughshod over others’ feelings and sentiments. Especially if people don't speak up.

    Protective: Claire cares deeply for her friends and holds a fierce desire to look after them and keep them safe.

    Possessive: Claire can be rather possessive of those she considers hers. Desiring all their attention and affection. She can become quite moody should her friends spend time with others without her.

    Vain: While she may be pretty, Claire has an overinflated opinion of her own appearance. Refusing to go out in public unless her hair is gorgeous and her make up is on point.

    Ambitious: Claire is highly ambitious. With an intense desire to acquire wealth, power and fame.

    Close relations:
    Charlotte de Valois: Younger half sister. Claire loves her younger half sister deeply and is fiercely protective of them.

    Melina: Childhood friends. Claire enjoys stargazing with them but has no patience for astrology. No matter how many times Melina turns out to be correct.

    Riley: Lotti's best friend and one of Claire's followers. Claire once saved them when they fell in a river and nearly drowned. She enjoys spoiling them by buying Riley fancy donuts.

    Nolan: ???

    • Cats: While a fan of almost all animals. Claire has a particular soft spot for cats.

    • Tea: Nothing calms Claire down faster than a good cup of tea. A fan of nearly all teas she has a strong preference for black teas. With generous additions of milk and sugar.

    • Books: In her free time Claire enjoys reading. She is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction works. Fantasy romance novels are her guilty pleasure.

    • Losing at something: Competitive to a fault. Claire despises losing no matter how trivial or irrelevant the competition is.

    • Bullies: Claire possesses a strong moral compass and an unwavering sense of justice. She can not stand bullies of any kind.

    • Astrology: This nonsense just makes no scientific sense. Just because I'm a Leo doesn't mean I'm confident and dominating. I mean . .  I am confident and dominating. But not because I'm a Leo!

    • Independence from her family: Claire has no interest in the life path her family decided for her. She has no interest in resigning herself to a transactional marriage. She is determined to forge her own path as a successful mage.

    • Money: Having grown up in wealth and luxury. Claire is use to a certain standard of living. Cut off from her families money she is highly motivated to earn enough to maintain her expensive tastes.

    • Her Father: Claire has idolized her father ever since she was young. She desperately wishes to live up to their legacy. The legacy of a man she never met. A man she only knows of through idealized stories told by her mother.

    • Ghosts:
    • Dogs:
    • Bugs:

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'5" 165cm
    Weight: 110lbs 50kg
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Tone: Fair

    Guild: Meliora Vitae
    Tattoo: Back of left hand
    Tattoo Color: Gold

    Faction Chapter:

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