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    Symphonic Savant

    Xavier Clarent
    Xavier Clarent

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    Symphonic Savant Empty Symphonic Savant

    Post by Xavier Clarent 8th May 2023, 11:22 am

    Symphonic Savant PVJTkqtj_o
    Symphonic Savant

    Magic Name: Symphonic Savant
    Magic Type: Solitary Holder
    Description: Xavier, the former God-King of Rhaegar, didn't bring much of his old world over to Earthland when he was abruptly ripped from his previous life. Staring at the very bottom of the social and fiscal ladder, he couldn't rely on the former power he had to life off of. Instead he reverted back to his talent in music, utilizing his natural ability to learn instruments easily, and built a repertoire of music-producing tools to help garner attention and earn him jewel. It took some time but he became somewhat of a local celebrity at bars and taverns, earning his keep and gathering quite the fan base.

    Now as the guildmaster of Confidence International, it's more important than ever that he project his sound and the music of his guild mates into the world. Using the magical tools of Earthland, he was able to commission the creation of a music player that Xavier could attach to his hip. By bonding with it through a ritual, the music that he thought of, any tunes that played within his mind, could be transferred and played outwards through the player. It can play full songs or specific instruments, depending on what Xavier needs in the moment and because it has been enchanted, the music that plays carry different effects based on what Xavier is trying to accomplish. Nicknamed P.A.M (Portable Audio Mixer), Xavier uses this to aid himself and others in combat by encouraging his allies and hindering his enemies.

    Unique Abilities:
    • Rhythmic Recovery: Xavier's tunes affect the body, kick starting its latent and natural ability to heal itself when injured. This helps Xavier helps minor injuries that he may have suffered or anyone within a close proximity of him.
    • Moving to the Beat: The magical fluctuations in the music from P.A.M help cycle the body's flow of energy. While the music player is active, Xavier recovers a portion of his MP and HP.
    • Happy to Jam: Xavier feels right at home when music is playing and it makes him feel stronger than ever. Having P.A.M with him grants him a boost in his magical power.


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