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    Cursed Decay Dragon Slayer

    Blaire Fenella
    Blaire Fenella

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    Cursed Decay Dragon Slayer Empty Cursed Decay Dragon Slayer

    Post by Blaire Fenella 30th April 2023, 3:18 pm

    Cursed Decay Dragon Slayer
    Stand on the Edge of Entropy

    Cursed Decay Dragon Slayer S8fQZ3R

    Magic Type: Dragon Slayer [Solitary]

    Proof of Acquisition: Here

    Slayer Mechanics:

    A king had insulted and shunned his wife on All Hallow’s Eve by replacing her with another woman. Understandably, she was beyond upset and wanted revenge. Advisors were concerned about the future and so warned the king, who dismissed their worries as paranoia, all the while not knowing the history of his former wife or the dark powers that had awoken due to her anger. For years the former queen would remain close to her former husband and his new beautiful young wife, disguising herself and playing handmaiden when it was needed, but all the while plotting the downfall of the man whom she used to love unconditionally.

    It was a few years later that her patience would be rewarded, as the queen wanted to get a seasonally themed gift for her husband. The woman offered her what appeared as a boney hand grasping an onyx orb covered in a sanguine red sheen. The queen was entranced by it, believing it would be a perfect gift for her husband and at the All Hallow’s Eve ball presented it to him. The king and queen fell sick the very next day, and over the following months, their skin started to decay and become necrotic. The very next All Hallow’s Eve the kingdom was in mourning, the mysterious illness that had plagued the rulers claimed them, and not wishing to wait because of rumors of plague and curse, the king and queen were buried that very evening.

    The 'gift', meanwhile, had vanished from history, only appearing sporadically when someone of renown had died, and strangely, they all suffered from the same mysterious illness of the original owners... and all met the same fate the very next Halloween.

    Or so the story goes. Like any Lacrima, tales of its origin swirl like ashes on the wind. All that can truly be known about it is it's nature. The Cursed Decay Lacrima stands on the borderline between the physical and spiritual, an example of Entropy and it's inevitable claim on the world. Truth be told, the magic contained within the onyx sphere could easily be a force of mass destruction in the wrong hands. Luckily, it has fallen to a fairly optimistic individual. Yet, the powers it grants are grave in nature. It could be all too possible for these powers and the macabre nature surrounding them to turn one bitter and cynical. However, only time will tell if this is the case.

    Lacrima Appearance:

    Unique Abilities

    Name: Here on The Borderline
    Rank: C Rank (Unlocked at D Rank)
    Duration: Passive
    Description: Spiritual Energy is deeply seeded within this Lacrima. To assume that this would have no effect on an individual is preposterous. Having integrated this Lacrima into her body, Blaire herself has been suffused to the core with the energies of The Other Side. Thanks to this, she has been granted a deeper Mana Pool as well as greater MP Regeneration along with gaining the ability to interact with wholly Spiritual Beings such as ghosts and other ethereal beings that would normally exist just outside of a Mage's normal perspective.

    Signature Magic

    Name: Graveyard Miasma
    Rank: C
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Description: Decay. All things are susceptible to it, even magic. This simple fact has left Blaire struggling to control this aspect of her Slayer magic as precisely as others. As a result, this spell has taken a rather odd form. Defensive in nature, Graveyard Miasma can only defend Blaire herself. Activating via a magic circle appearing below her feet, Blaire's body begins to emanate a thick cloud of choking green mist. This cloud acts as a barrier, defending Blaire by sending spells that collide with it into rapid decay. Like all defensive spells, this aura of Miasma can only take so many hits, with every spell it defends against 'clearing' more and more of the Miasma until it is hit by something too large to defend against, at which point the Miasma dissipates entirely.

    Advanced Magic

    Name: Painful Procession
    Rank: D+
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Description: Bringing a hand up to her chest, Blaire slowly exhales. This causes a cloud of bluish-white mist to pour out of her mouth, slowly settling as a thin layer of fog along the ground. At various points, this fog transforms in shape to form various ephemeral looking magical circles. From within these circles, spirits rise. Each spirit represents a victim who had fallen to the powers of the Lacrima. These spirits cannot move from their location, and only hold their physical form long enough to make a single attack this is capable of piercing defenses before they vanish. This spell is capable of targeting multiple individuals at once--but never more than would be equal to the maximum duration of this spell.

    Name: Osseus Flick
    Rank: C+
    Duration: 6 Posts
    Description: Clenching her fists, bleached white Magic Circles appear around both of Blaire's wrists briefly before vanishing. After they vanish, she may lift either arm and make a flicking motion. The moment her fingers meet the 'ready' position for the motion another magic circle appears just above her shoulder. From this magic circle a large skeletal hand appears, thrusting outward and slamming it's large pointer finger into the opponent in the same motion of Blaire's flick. This 'flick' can be repeated once per post for the duration of the spell, as the skeletal arm will linger on whichever side it is summoned.

    D-Rank Magic

    Name: Tombstone Strike
    Rank: D
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Description: Raising her arms above her head as if she were lifting something like a chair, a Stony looking magic circle appears, causing a headstone to appear between her hands. Grabbing tightly onto the headstone she swings it downwards, aiming to bring it crashing down on her target's head!

    Name: Spiritual Clutch
    Rank: D
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Description: Thrusting one of her hands towards an opponent, Blaire causes a spiritual reaction, sending a ghostly image of a Dragon's 'hand' launching towards an opponent. Upon getting close enough, this spell damages the opponent by wrapping its clawed 'fingers' around the entirety of the opponents body, squeezing down to apply a crushing force before dissipating into a thin fog of spiritual energy.

    Name: Deadwing Slice
    Rank: D
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Description: Extending her arms outwards like wings, Sun-Bleached bones begin to form from each of Blaire's forearms, taking on the shape of a Dragon's various segmented wing bones. These bones are incredibly sharp, allowing Blaire to slice at an opponent by swinging either arm. This spell is usually activated while performing a strong pivot, allowing Blaire to spin and slice repeatedly with both arms.

    C-Rank Magic

    Name: Will of The Wisps
    Rank: C
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Description: Bringing a hand to rest against her chest, Blaire begins to speak. In spite of speaking at full volume, her words are completely unintelligible. However, as she speaks the area around her rapidly drops in temperature as several balls of blue energy begin to coalesce in the area, creating a mass number of Will 'O Wisps. These wisps turn from blue to red slowly before detonating. And yet, there always seem to be more that need to detonate until the duration of the spell has been reached.

    Name: Exhuming Blast
    Rank: C
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Description: Slamming an extremity such as her foot or fist into the ground, Blaire causes a sudden explosive burst of earth to upheave itself, creating a perfectly rectangular hole that is exactly six feet in depth. Otherwise known as the standard depth of a Grave.

    Name: Decaying Grip
    Rank: C
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Description: When this spell is activated, Blaire's dominant hand is flooded with decaying energy, causing it to emit a wispy, brownish-black glow. Rather than attempting to strike her opponent however, Blaire attempts to grab them. If this succeeds, the energy gathered in her hand violently pours into the target. This initially does very little damage. However, as the duration of this spell passes the person who was grabbed will take further damage each post as this spell causes rot and decay to spread outwards from the point of contact until the duration has ended.

    B-Rank Magic


    A-Rank Magic


    S-Rank Magic


    H-Rank Magic


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