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    Take-Over: Soul of the Succubus

    Eden Knox
    Eden Knox

    She wolf

    She wolf

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    Take-Over: Soul of the Succubus Empty Take-Over: Soul of the Succubus

    Post by Eden Knox 6th April 2023, 10:31 am

    It's a vicious cycle, you see...

    Collecting hearts in order to mend your own.

    Take-Over: Soul of the Succubus

    Magic Overview

    Angel or demon, light or darkness...

    For a long time throughout the Knox family history, many believed their path in life were predetermined by which side of the family magic lineage they were gifted.

    On the day that their fate was decided, Eden could feel her stomach drop. The wings she so desperately longed for sprouted from her twin sister's back, wind blowing through their jet black feathers ever so delicately.

    "Eden! Horns!"

    Those words haunted her even to this day. How was she blessed... No, cursed, with the form of the demon? Tears ached to tumble from her crimson eyes, but they would not come. Instead, the succubus within her whispered:

    "This is who you are now. Aren't you happy?"

    Eden was the inheritor of the devil, and Ilya; the angel.

    Eden's magic, though historically meant to be the more offensive of the two take-overs, has taken on a more supportive role. At this time, Eden refuses to use her powers for destruction, and instead has developed as many helpful, and ultimately harmless abilities as she could muster. Perhaps at a later date, she would become stronger, both mentally and physically, and give the succubi who screamed within her mind what they so desperately desired.

    Violence. Torment. Lust.

    Unique Abilities

    Garden of Eden: Due to the fact that Eden wants nothing more than to protect, she developed this ability in order to do so more effectively. This passive ability makes Eden's defensive/supportive abilities more effective.



    | Primary Magic |
    @Eden Knox


    Take-Over: Soul of the Succubus I2D4CIg


    The White Queen

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    Take-Over: Soul of the Succubus Empty Re: Take-Over: Soul of the Succubus

    Post by Saraphina 18th April 2023, 4:41 am

    Hey there Eden! I apologize for being a tick late on this grading. I need you to follow the Magic Template here for me for the magic type and benefit level. And if you could follow the statless take over templates with your spells as well that would be lovely <3



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