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    Lazarus Wave wip


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    Lazarus Wave wip Empty Lazarus Wave wip

    Post by Tobychu 15th March 2023, 1:33 pm

    OOC Note: This magic is designed for PvE and I have no intentions of doing any PvP. If I do i'll add the numbers at some point, but I prefer statless.

    Lazarus Wave wip Tumblr-olg987-Af2t1vgjhono1-400


    Magic Name: Lazarus Wave
    Magic Type: Primary: Summoning Auxiliary: Lost
    Description: Aku was blessed with necromantic magics that allow him to generate and manipulate lazarus energy using his own ethernano, which seems to resonate on the same frequency. This energy in question is a quasi-physical radiation that can affect both living and non-living organisms, though in much different ways. When used against a living foe the affects of lazarus energy are similar to fire in that they burn on contact, eating away at materials they touch like some form of bright green hellfire. Though by shifting it's properties with his ethernano he can cause explosions or even create solid structures; often for binding and defense.

    However when utilized against dead organisms it grants dominion over these beings allowing them to be summoned for combat or simply when he pleases. This same energy going a step further to transform these undead minions into grotesque monstrosities for which he has full authority over. Bolstering their power temporarily in the process. As this energy is housed in necromancy, Aku can perform standard feats of that same magic category with

    Unique Abilities:
    • Lazarus Reactor: Aku's magics have shifted his very being into what some would call a 'living lazarus reactor', with strong ties to his families ancestral magic making it as such. He is an endless source of lazarus wave energy and cause freely manipulate and generate it outside of offensive usage. Molding it into simple shapes like cubes, arrows, and words or even complex constructs like giant snakes, chains and hands as he is well versed and trained in the revered magic by his family.

    • Shift the Tides:
    • Ebb and Flow, Mist and Blow:

    Lazarus Wave wip Tenor

    Lazarus Wave Spell Book

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