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    Ill, Literate, And Mai [Mai]


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    Ill, Literate, And Mai [Mai] Empty Ill, Literate, And Mai [Mai]

    Post by Imai-chi 6th March 2023, 3:27 pm

    … Damn, shit, fuck.

    Nah, his day wasn’t supposed to be annoying. Scratch that – his life wasn’t supposed to be annoying. Ever since he cashed in on the girlfriend lottery and became king, life was supposed to be a dance on a bed of roses, not a damn… tutelage. Or was it, perhaps, because it just happened to involve the most annoying toddler in Ace of Spades?

    Well, if there was any solace to this, it’d be the fact that a smarter Mai… would likely be a kinder Mai. And a kinder Mai would be a splendid Sabertooth mage one day. However, education aside for those who pursue the career of a guild mage (and a legal one at that), any person should at least learn OR have the right to learn how to read and… y’know, write and stuff.

    Mai, apparently and allegedly, couldn’t. So that was where Imai stepped in. Man, he’d need Vitria’s attention for several nights after this; he could already feel the bite wounds ache on his skin…


    Where the heckity fuck was she, now? She was at the inn a second ago, and Imai was waiting for her at one of the classy, wooden tables. Despite their reputation, the Red Dragon’s Inn’s spirit was simplicity – okay, wait, maybe that was a humblebrag, but they didn’t go all in on the design. Makes it more… homely. Thus, they have regulars. Thus, profit.

    “The fuckcrap is she?! Doesn’t Luna keep an eye on her?!?!” he groaned in impatience, awaiting with a stack of books, papers and a pen and eraser on the table. Not the best setting for some teaching, but he figured that Mai’s favorite spot – the inn – would give her the best motivation.

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