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    God of Light Magic


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    God of Light Magic Empty God of Light Magic

    Post by SaintBernal 29th January 2023, 7:51 am


    Magic Name:  God of Light Magic
    Magic Type: Castor
    Description: Can eat light magic. Can also eat fire and lightning magic but does 50% and the other affinities 25% of magic regenerated. Can travel through light and cast light magic.
    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability 1: Can Travel through self created light. +25% to speed and strength of light magic
    • Ability 2:  Light magic can eat or disassemble magic. +75% to speed and strength of light magic.
    • Ability 3: Can eat the light around self to regain magic used. Can travel through any light. +25% passive effect that's on when light is around.


    A mini light that can be used as a station to transport to.

    Cast a net of light that eats magic. The net grows stronger.

    Whip. Create a whip from the net and use it to attack.

    Engulf yourself in light. Can phase through walls but leaves a burn mark on walls as an imprint of his body is found in said wall completely disappeared. Used for CQC

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