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    Skyborn Fury


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    Skyborn Fury Empty Skyborn Fury

    Post by Samsara 7th December 2022, 12:05 am

    Skyborn Fury Skyborn-fury
    Skyborn Fury Skyborn-fury-image

    Magic Name: Skyborn Fury
    Magic Type: Combat Art (Solitary): +75% to Melee Damage. Allows the user to replace their spells and abilities with techniques in the associated magic.
    Description: A magic form passed down through the Samsara family. First finding it's roots in faith, over the years the hardened warriors of the barren wasteland have developed it into a fighting style that utilizes the body and incredibly large weapons enhanced by magic to destroy their foes. Inspired by a war god, they channel lightning and frost and use their body as a vessel to decimate foes on a battlefield. Unfortunately, due to it's origins, the magic is only as strong as one's body can handle. Burnout often leads to the numbing of nerves and eventually a loss of self. While magical in nature, the use of magic only supplements the power that is supplied by the user, with a weak person finding very little use of these arts.

    Unique Abilities:
    ⫸ Titan Salvo: Partially through her genetic makeup and partly through adaptation of circumstance, the Samsara naturally have a high amount of stamina, to the point that it has been rumored to be nearly endless among the Icbergian people. Regenerate an extra 5% of SP per post.
    ⫸ Ability 2:
    ⫸ Ability 3:


    D Rank:

    Note: Converting 95% of MP to SP.

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    Skyborn Fury Empty Re: Skyborn Fury

    Post by Medeia 8th December 2022, 6:43 am


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