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    On Magitech Wings

    Riana Maren
    Riana Maren

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    On Magitech Wings Empty On Magitech Wings

    Post by Riana Maren 4th December 2022, 4:37 am

    Riana Maren
    On Magitech Wings

    Riana Maren's first priority now was preparing for her first visit into deep space. It had not been an easy journey to acquire the methodology for interstellar exploration, but nonetheless she had acquired the means with which she would need to explore the stars. The redheaded scientist had paid an incredibly heavy toll on her body in order to make sure that she had allt he details necessary, having sliced open her own chest to experiment on her own body and extract information directly from the alien lacrima implanted within her own skin. That information had proven incredibly valuable when it came to making sure that she knew the details to navigate the stars - speaking of interdimensional pathways, propulsion drives, and even some stellar coordinates so that she had an endpoint location when the time came to finally take flight into the aether. It was a daunting prospect, and the Pergrandian mage knew full well that she was going to have to make that trip sooner rather than later to capitalise on the momentum for the discovery that she had built. It was no use making sure all the technology was ready and then failing to do anything with all the knowledge she had accumulated over time.

    To that end, Riana was now preparing for phase two of three of her master plan, when it came to the distances required. While, yes, she was most certainly prepared for whatever came her way - or at least she would have liked to think so - it wasn't just her own body that needed to be stress tested to operate in non-standard environments. In fact, she had to develop a few specific pieces of gear so that she'd be able to explore deep space without any issues. First and foremost was a pressure-sealed suit that she would be able to wear underneath the iron skin of the Ebon Fury - this one, a purple and black-tinged thing with chest armour. Realistically, she would have to explore certain parts of planets without the comfort of the metallic shell, so a spacesuit would be mission critical in such times. Having created such a thing, she knew that the skintight, neo-latex, starsteel-woven suit would serve her incredibly well in the distant chill of the void. It would serve to keep her from decompressing or from freezing to death, both of which were not particularly palatable outcomes. To that end, she had even developed sufficient oxygen scrubbing technology for her helmet so that she could breathe in a pinch.  

    Therefore, it was with great interest that Riana now sat upon a stone outcropping elevated over a plain, by the river that led to the waterfall that sat upon the grand throne of Talonia; this neutral ground served sufficiently distant from the city that was held as effectively neutral territory that the mage could study her powers and test them. While, yes, she had originally wanted to perform today's testing at Morgate, where she could test the suit's efficacy at handling radiation and toxicity, this would perform as a wonderful test site for three separate reasons: one, being so high up, she was unlikely to be disturbed. Two, there was both land and water, where she could test the mobility of the magitech dolls underwater, and three, with sufficient space here, she could enact magical fields that would do some incredibly interesting things. At her right sat a bevy of different devices, all approximately the same size she was, made of different sizes and shapes; one was a cylinder surrounded by three spindly rings, none of which were directly connected to the device but span independently, and in alternating directions. Another was a dodecahedron that glowed with an angry orange and red light from every inch of its surface. The last was little more than a rather unassuming black box that sat there rather passively. These devices all had different uses, and over time they would be revealed.

    However, in the meantime, four mechanical monstrosities - all of which stood approximately six feet tall, somewhat taller than Riana herself - were performing maneuvers at high speed in a variety of patterns. All four were rather unique, of course. One held an energy sword and shield, one had two large cannons strapped to its arms, the third had two conical protrusions from its shoulders, and the fourth had a series of oddly glowing blades coming out from different parts of its body. All of them were maneuvering at high speed, avoiding rocks and other such natural features so that they moved independently. This was a stress test, of course. What else was happening behind the scenes could not truly be perceived. However, what was easily perceivable was this: orange-red particles, the colour of a burning flame, were drifting up in the night sky towards the heavens, and a sufficiently curious mind could have easily scaled up the side of the waterfall to investigate.

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