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    Revolving Lantern [Lyra]


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    Revolving Lantern [Lyra] Empty Revolving Lantern [Lyra]

    Post by Althea 20th November 2022, 9:20 am


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    A line of cozy townhouses stood side-by-side under the gray, overcast sky. The sun had been reduced to a dull bulb shining through a sheet of clouds, but Althea found that the weather only served to enhance the quiet serenity of one of Clover Town’s coziest residential areas. It was an immensely suburban section of the isle that she would have never considered visiting outside of her current circumstances. Its cobblestone streets were still lightly populated, and the streetlamps emitted a warm, orange glow. The fresh scent from the nearby lakeside drifted in on a soft breeze, whistling softly through the neighborhood’s white picket fences.

    However, Althea’s presence here implied that peace would not last long. Of course, the sword strapped across her back would be enough to suggest that, but she had already wrapped it, hilt and all, in a makeshift sheath of cloth. In this case, the more relevant factor was her profession as a mercenary. Although she had recently taken up the hobby of wandering Fiore’s most distant lands, the young woman was still a mage for hire. She supported herself through conflict, and the idyllic streets of this sleepy part of town were home to her current employer. Of course, the details she was privy to concerning her actual job had been vague, but Althea knew enough about these kinds of tasks to come prepared for combat either way. In fact, the sword on her back was a very recent addition, having been purchased with this very job in mind. The blade was of common quality, with only the most basic of arcane elements present to enforce durability. But still, the spirit judged that as more than enough for any potential hiccups in the operation. In the past, before her time stuck in the Aetherial Wastes, she exclusively used her bare hands for any and all fighting. The addition of equipment to her arsenal was only meant to further enhance her strengths at close range, and simply carrying a few pounds of extra weight wouldn’t hinder her in any way.

    However, it wouldn’t take the blonde very long before finally coming upon the house address listed in the memo she received. After giving a few sturdy knocks on the white wooden door, Althea immediately heard the sound of footsteps from the other side of the wall. Whoever it was, they seemed rather rushed to reach the door, and when they did, the door creaked open and an elderly man emerged. He was of shorter stature, the hand that steadied himself on his walking cane being thin and frail. It was likely that this was the mayor of Clover Town, the person who entrusted her with a task this time around. However, upon laying eyes on her, the man’s wrinkled face stiffened, his sharp gaze shifting warily over their surroundings. “Hurry, come inside.” Wordlessly following the elder’s degree, she stepped into the townhouse. Swiftly, yet softly, he closed the door behind her, letting out a labored sigh.

    “Come this way.” As he led her deeper into the house, his eyes drifted to the wrapped-up sword on the aetherial spirit’s back. “I didn’t know you would be arriving so… conspicuously.”

    Idly inspecting the cozy interior, Althea replied with a slightly bored expression. “I think that anyone who lives here would be able to notice they haven’t seen me here before. Additionally, if anyone asked, I could just tell them that this was…” She pondered for a moment. “...an extra large club sandwich that I’m saving for later.” Her comment could be interpreted as a simple dismissive remark, but Althea was being dead serious. Well, if anyone told her that they were carrying around an almost three-foot-long sandwich for future cases of the munchies, she wouldn’t find any reasons not to believe them.

    “Oh… I-I see.” The old man cleared his throat, tearing his eyes away from the incredibly conspicuous clothed blade. “Anyways, you must be Althea Eventide, correct?  Thank you for accepting my request.” At this point, they arrived in a rustic living room, three cups of tea sitting on top of the wooden table.

    Wait, three? Althea’s eyes narrowed, “I’ll be working with someone else for this job?” She said, not bothering to hide the annoyance in her voice. Even back when she openly chased the company and affections of others, working alone had been one of her more perennial habits. It wasn’t that she was averse to entrusting some work to others, but things were just simpler when she was by herself. No need to go over plans of action or share any details about her skills, she

    The mayor’s grip on his cane tightened, “It’s not that I… don’t have confidence in your skills. I just feel very strongly about this, and I’m handling this situation with the utmost sincerity. Don’t worry, they should be arriving anytime now.”


    Lyra Karant
    Lyra Karant

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    Revolving Lantern [Lyra] Empty Re: Revolving Lantern [Lyra]

    Post by Lyra Karant Yesterday at 1:12 pm

    Lyra Karant
    Revolving Lantern

    Having successfully navigated the trial of having her magic transfigured into a wholly new form and surviving the illness that accompanied a full-body paradigm shift, Lyra was now entirely ready to venture out back into the world unsupervised and take on jobs once again. It was a refreshing start, if nothing else; she'd been working so hard as a guilded mage before she stepped in as one of Luminous Rose's Aces, that she had genuinely forgotten what it was like to need to get out there and work like she had up until that point. Back in the day she'd done so many basic things such as rescuing people from cyclones, looking after stores, so many simple and almost mundane tasks. It was nice to get back out there and do a few of them. Not having to deal with world-changing events-- like fighting in a war-- was something that hadn't happened in quite a long time for Lyra and honestly she was relishing the chance to get out there and do it again. She couldn't genuinely remember the last normal job she had been on, so picking one up from the guild board in the Grand Hall of Roses was probably the best way to get herself back in the saddle, get a grip on the application of her new magic, and see how she felt. This was likely the best course of action for her.

    What attracted her eye was a task in Clover Town, which she picked up with aplomb; someone was concerned about a local orphanage and the rumours swirling around it, which was not an unreasonable thing to wish to investigate. She considered the outcomes, the implications and the application of her role - and considered that calling ahead may have been the best possible way to approach this. She did in fact do that, using the fact that as the ace of a high-ranking legal guild she had the ability to speak with those of higher station than she when it came to the resolution of jobs, and had an in-depth conversation with the mayor about how he wished for this to go. Lyra offered that it was a wonderful opportunity for a second mage to come along on the mission, given that while she was an entirely adept healer and protector, she was not a front-line fighter. Therefore, farming this out to someone else in addition to herself might have been a good diea in terms of getting the job done. The mayor acquiesced almost immediately to that request, given that he wanted to get this situation in his fair city resolved as efficiently as possible. Her instructions were simple - turn up and just come in, and then be briefed on the details of the mission once she arrived, because there would be plenty to talk about.

    At the mayor's words, there was a sharp rap on the door approximately five seconds later, as if she were on cue. "Good afternoon - I'm here for the job, as requested, Mr. Mayor," she said, then entered the building, the pink-haired mage walking her way through the property and coming in to the receiving room where the elderly mayor and a second, sword-wielding mage was already awaiting her.

    "Mayor, my name is Lyra Karant, and it's lovely to finally meet you in person," she said. What beheld them both was a pink-haired woman with emerald eyes, gleaming with joy, whose entire body seemed to exude a metaphysical aura of calmness. Her red jacket, trimmed with black, coupled with the knee-high black travelling boots and the white skirt, seemed to be her usual method of travelling. In terms of equipment, nothing was physically carried on her person - that particular aspect would come later. She offered her hand first to the Mayor to shake, and then turned to the third person in the room, the one whom she did not know. The ace considered the blonde, who appeared to at least be able to hold her own, especially if not for the fact that she was armed and ready for combat. That was a promising sign, if nothing else.

    "You must be the mage assisting me on this task. I'm very thankful to have you aboard. My name's Lyra, of Luminous Rose!" Then, to Althea, the hand of friendship was extended, for Lyra wanted to not only make a good first impression, but be cordial with all of those around her. Hopefully, if nothing else, this went well, and Lyra was about to either make a staunch ally or a good friend.

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