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    Kiyomi Tenma WIP


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    Kiyomi Tenma WIP Empty Kiyomi Tenma WIP

    Post by Tobychu 10th November 2022, 5:54 pm

    Special Characteristics:

    Despite her name being that of a fruit, Kiyomi is far from ’sweet’ and acting reminiscent of her name would be insulting her own intellect. Though she is a warrior, she is a woman who follows her own rules, and anyone who doesn’t like it will simply have to deal with it. This philosophy is generally shown in how she treats tasks, taking her own morals above the decision of anyone else’s with these same traits often surprising others after meeting her. They expect her to be as delicate as her features suggest and this is far from the truth, earning her the nickname of a “Merciless Angel” and "Demon" on more than one occasion.

    While some may see Kiyomi’s personality as that of a feminist stereotype, it is actually more a personal feeling and much less a political philosophy or statement. She has little but contempt for higher authority, and seems to only respect those who treat her with equal respect. Going so far as to call a member of the magic council out on their way of speaking to her, and demanding they treat her as an equal, refusing to follow the belief that her existence holds less importance. Wanting for a world where every person is equally valued, even though such a thing is unlikely to happen.

    Kiyomi also tends to refuse to rely on anyone but herself to save her own life, though she is more than happy to use said acquaintances when stuck in a bind not even she can escape from (Of course she wouldn't admit it, Not even to herself). She also contradicts herself in the fact that she wishes to be rich(er), partly because it assures her that she need never worry about feeding herself or clothing herself or any of the myriad things that she will never take for granted compared to most of the world. Another part of her simply wishes to spread her wealth to those she knows or sees struggling to survive so that poverty can be eradicated, yet she holds strong disliking for the wealthy.

    The young magi also has diverse views on men, with a mixture of distrust (an attitude hardly limited to the male gender) and contempt, with a decent helping of willingness to prey on what she sees as their weaknesses. This obvious distrust originating from her relationship with her father as well as her interactions with other men, whose only desire was to use her body in perverse ways. This has lead to Kiyomi defining herself as a woman who doesn’t need any men in her life; her opinion of men not being improved any by the men she deals with on a daily basis.

    Dealing with citizens and fellow warriors eyeballing her svelte frame understandably gets entirely tiresome. Kiyomi, however, isn't above using her sexuality to control and influence men around her. Manipulating them for food, clothes, or even money, without ever sleeping with them; she’s smarter than people assume.

    Kiyomi could honestly count the number of individuals who she trust with her life on one hand, with such a number being generous. Her past and profession teaching her that she could only truly rely on herself and her need to be independent tends to make her keep others at a distance so they don’t tie her down. Not letting anyone define or limit her other than herself; Hell, even her arguably closest friends just don’t ‘get’ Kiyomi, which is how she likes it. Brushing off attempts to get close to her with snide of sarcastic remarks, which often come out more hurtful and aggressive than she intends. She doesn’t mind, it simply gives people a taste of what she can dish out. On the other hand, those friends she does have should not be trifled with or she will fight as hard for them as she would for herself.

    Determination is Kiyomi’s middle name and if something is obstructing her path, she will do whatever it takes to overcome such a set back. Having literally dragged herself up from the lowest of poverty to where she stands now, and the sky is the limit. Whatever it takes, she will keep going and, whatever obstacles life throws into her path, she will either learn from them, or find a way to overcome them. Remarkably intelligent and adaptive, not many things will work against her for long before she'd crafted a plan to deal with the nuisance.

    One thing everyone can agree upon is that Kiyomi is in possession of a dangerously sharp tongue, with most of her conversations resembling verbal fencing matches. This also carries over to combat where she will constantly taunt opponents in an attempt to infuriate or otherwise distract them so she can get the upper hand. Though there are a few subjects that are absolutely verboten (such as her mother) and these will earn the offender a rapid rise in her irritation. Of course she will never admit to it, naturally, and most things slide off her back easily enough, even if the other can keep Kiyomi’s own taunts from distracting them.




    General Appearance

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 160lbs
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Hazel blue
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Kiyomi Tenma WIP Rsz-cf51bf3a64eeec8e23c0a0690ada3af3

    Eyes akin to pools of honey, lips pink and full, strands of midnight woven into her cranium. A woman draped in beauty, grace and power, with delicate features complimenting her smooth light bronze skin as if crafted from the finest Greek stone. Almond shaped eyes are surrounded by naturally thick and luscious eyelashes, which bring out her sultry visage, with fine arches of hair just below her forehead. A well placed, round nose sits in the middle of her face an inch or so above that of her full strawberry lips; naturally pouted and revealing a hint of her sparkling white enamel.

    Kiyomi's raven locks are often straightened elegantly, save for when she allows her natural curls to caress her neck and clavicle while cascading to her middle back. A slight hourglass shape forms her svelte physique, standing at a stature of 5'10'', and rounding out to 130 lbs even. Her legs are long and well defined along with her round shaped bottom fitting her rather shapely hips.
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