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    Taking out the old lady


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    Taking out the old lady Empty Taking out the old lady

    Post by Willow 23rd May 2022, 7:07 pm

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    Right or wrong, it's very pleasant to break something from time to time.

    Hargeon Town sure was a crazy place. Willow had been to lots of different port towns and cities in her short lifespan, though almost all of them involved space in one form or the other. This was one of the few that was almost entirely focused on the ocean but that might have had something to do with the fact that Earthland didn’t really have any kind of space-faring abilities. They really put the back in the backwater planet.

    Nonetheless, it was still pretty neat to see. Though the tinkerer didn’t claim to care all that much about pretty sights in terms of the environment, there was little denying that the ocean was cool in its own special way. It made Willow wonder what else she could do with water, as wondrous sights and discoveries always did. But alas, it was hardly the time to think about that. She had come to town for a job and one that would truly test her mettle.

    She’d taken on several different wizards up to that point. Nita had certainly been the strongest one thus far and Willow had barely escaped to tell about it. After she had stolen the lacrima and the key containing her dear spirit, she’d used her newfound abilities on some newbie mages. But Willow was looking for someone to truly challenge her -- to push her abilities to evolve and get better. Luckily for her, a job had been posted lately by a dark wizard who had only recently found a way to get his task out there. Recently released, he had a bitter hatred for the woman that had beaten him and handed him off to the authorities. As punishment, now forty years after the fact, he was asking for someone to go and take her out permanently.

    It seemed the woman was quite the celebrity in her heyday, enough so that she was capable of earning plenty of jewel to live off of for the rest of her days. Now in her late sixties, she spent her time dawdling around town and doting on children. But Willow knew that the spark that made one a fighter didn’t just disappear -- sometimes it just takes a little spark to reignite the flame.

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