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    Mini Event - Spring Festival

    Shen Kadokawa
    Shen Kadokawa

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    Linked topic Mini Event - Spring Festival

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 30th April 2022, 5:10 am

    Mini Event - Spring Festival QIOrwaH

    Spring is fast approaching and nature is coming back to life, so it is time to celebrate the change in season with a Spring Festival! Come take part in a festival that has activities from different spring traditions and enjoy the festivities in honor of winter's departure!

    Completion Requirements

    As you take part in the activities and complete them you receive a "Small Easter Egg" made of plastic that comes in any number of designs handed to you by event staff. In order to complete the event, the group of participating players as a whole must collect at least three Small Easter Eggs from completing different activities. Once you have obtained the required number you can turn in the event and get your rewards.

    When an activity lists a dice roll option, rolling IS required to complete the activity. However, you can choose what activities you participate in and, if no roll is required, you may choose the outcome of the activity.

    Thread Word Count Requirement

    The event must be run by players either individually or in groups of up to six players. Lone players are allowed to complete the event by themselves.

    The Word Count per participating player is 2,000 words.

    Just like with jobs, the Word Count stacks. If two players participate in the event, the group WC is set 4,000, three players have to reach a 6,000-word WC, etc. Please bear in mind that the WC of all players contributes to the total WC so that players still have a chance to complete the event if one of the group members is unable to meet their part of the WC.


    Any town or city


    July 15th 2022, 10am EST


    Easter Egg Hunt:

    Easter Egg Painting:

    Four-Leaf Clover Hunt:

    Dance Around The Maypole:

    Leprechaun Relay Race:

    Easter Feaster:

    Easter Bunny Battle:


    EXP bonuses do not apply to this Event!

    Players of D Rank and C Rank receive B rank EXP. Players at B Rank and A Rank obtain EXP of a rank higher than their own. Players of S Rank receive 100y EXP.

    Upon successful completion of the Event, players may also choose to receive one of the two rewards specified below:

    1) a "Commemorative Silver Easter Egg" (which can be used to obtain 50% additional EXP on a job turn in)

    2) a "Pot Of Gold" (which can be used to obtain 50% additional Jewels on a job turn in).

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