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    Shedding the old skin(Magic training)


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    Shedding the old skin(Magic training) Empty Shedding the old skin(Magic training)

    Post by Thatcywalker 20th April 2022, 10:30 pm

    The woman made her way down the guild hall. Her appearance wasn't a common one, most of the time being away from the guild for weeks at a time only to stay for a few days. Though few could tell you she was actually gone for that long most of the time, her attitude had created a presence that kept most away. That suited the woman just fine though, besides she was here for a specific reason today. After her venture in Bellum she learned of take-over magic, the practice of transforming one's self to another creature's for a certain amount of time. It was so mind boggling that she had failed to learn of it sooner, a clear path to become a dragon! Or at least allow her to express her draconic heritage while growing to become a true one. In either case, she had already learned the knowledge on how to cast a partial take-over, and all she needed was someone to collaborate with to ensure fast results. And who better was a individual on the scholar community?

    She headed down to the lab area of the guild, despite only being down here a few times she already knew who to speak to. Going up to the receptionist, the woman looked both out of place and blended in with the guild. The armor she wore was well suited for the blizzards on the mountain, however it's style was so foreign, more looking as though it came from the tales of Vikings. Though her short stature and fiery red eyes always stood out, at least for the receptionist who had to deal with her. Bad luck? God's punishment for him skipping out on not visiting his parents enough? He would never know.

    "Hi Ms. Darksteel, can I help you with anything today?"

    "Yeah, I need to know if a Yuvon is here today. I need his help with testing a spell."

    "I can check for you ma'am."

    "Good, I'l be waiting here for him." She would sit with a huff, her eyes soon drifting as she waited. The receptionist checked the papers and did see that Yuvon was not available today. Not really wanting to deal with a irate Reina, he decided it would be best to, pass on the buck as they say. His eyes drifting to the first name that appeared to him. Sending out the message, he would prepare to leave as soon he received a response if she would come down. He had heard the rumors after all, and really didn't want front row seats to such a conflict.

    One guild ace would receive the message below a minute later.

    Mrs. Arseneault, we have a guild member down in the labs asking for your aid in regards with spell testing. Are you available?

    WC: 468


    Shedding the old skin(Magic training) Darksteel

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