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    Marks of the Dreamer

    Knight Owl
    Knight Owl

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    Completed Marks of the Dreamer

    Post by Knight Owl 24th February 2022, 10:28 am

    Marks of the Dreamer

    Otherworldly tattoos etched onto Michael's leftmost side of his torso, going from his left pectorals  down to his left hand. Michael acquired theses marks after he borrowed power from the eldritch god trapped inside him in order to fuel his psionic strength, allowing him to portal everyone out to Pergrande from Felidae, moments before two-thirds of the city was decimated. The appearance of this mark can only mean that C'thulhu's reincarnation is nigh. Still, the eldritch deity must emerge victorious against another entity sealed inside him who has also claimed Michael's body as a catalyst for his reincarnation - a demon equally matched by the name of Judas.

    The marks are easily hidden underneath sleeved outfits, however, thin fabrics and materials would make the glow underneath them visible whenever he borrows eldritch might from the dreamer. In addition, these marks magnify his psionic powers - a 'gift' from the sleeping god so his influence on him grows stronger.

    Primary Stat I 310% passive strength buff Secondary Stat I 170% passive PSI buff

    The First Mark:
    The Second Mark:
    The Third Mark:
    The Fourth Mark:



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    Completed Re: Marks of the Dreamer

    Post by Medeia 25th February 2022, 4:47 am


    Marks of the Dreamer QlhAT3Z


    Marks of the Dreamer Medeia123

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