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    Shopping Affairs!

    Kitalpha Aurence
    Kitalpha Aurence

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    Shopping Affairs! Empty Shopping Affairs!

    Post by Kitalpha Aurence 14th December 2021, 4:44 pm

    For once she'd gone against her usual morning routine; against the principle of daily training and not slacking off to do just that– slack off. Or rather, a day of rest among many training days. Yet she still woke up early out of habit; even if she wanted to sleep in, the blonde found her sleep interrupted the very moment dawn peeked across the horizon. So, although the sun had barely risen, Kitalpha was already out and about wandering around the guild, feeling the nip in the air that more clearly now she hadn’t warmed her muscles with her usual run. The blonde had instead raided the kitchen for a cup of boiling hot tea, and was just silently sitting on the steps of the guild hall’s entrance with some of the spirit wolves guarding the guild’s premises.

    Enjoying the silence and the weak warmth of the scarce rays of sunlight creeping through the clouds, Kitalpha sipped from her tea, a gentle smile on her lips as she watched the two of the wolves play. Although steadfast protectors, they still had a playful streak in them every now and then, just like their physical counterparts. She figured that was the reason why she found herself spending time with them every now and then; she’d even changed the route of her morning jog to fit with one of the paths the wolves patrolled just to have their company. It reminded her of home, of her youth spent in the woods, before and after she’d lost her way. Her parents and her village alike had fostered her love for the lupine beasts, even before she knew how deeply rooted it was in her family’s bloodline. Before she’d grown aware of the curse she and her brother shared, manifested each in their own way. Yet she’d never come to hate them– because they were not like the curse. They were still wild beasts, but not as bound on bloodlust and the concept of hunting for entertainment as Horama was… it was why she feared him, but not them. Honestly, they made her feel at home even more among the people of Silver Wolf.

    The curse however was partially the reason she’d been up this early to do nothing. Today she’d made plans, for the first time in forever having meticulously planned out an entire schedule rather than going with the flow. The other part was about Lehanna, whom she’d grown to dote on even more the more time they spent together. Yes, she’d often been subject to the young girl’s goodwill when she came around with yet another dress-up session, but she’d been awkward at first not knowing how to approach her. Something instinctively had made her interested in the youth, and her Treasury’s surprisingly large collection of outfits had been the unfortunate chain she’d used to try and connect. It’d become her thing before she had taken notice of it, and had actually come to enjoy those moments of silly struggles to convince Lehanna in the so manieth outfit of that day. But at the same time it had turned into quite a few moments of bonding, the way she managed to drag a variety of reactions from the girl, having stirred a feeling that made her want to get involved even more. When Lehanna struggled or was away from the guild for a longer amount of time she had started growing worried. When she was minding her own business or studying for school Kitalpha had found herself checking up on the girl, sometimes from afar so she would not disturb her. It was odd– because the blonde had never shown such interest in other people, not in this way. Aside from Yuvon, although that type of interest tilted towards an entirely other direction of interest than this one.

    But it was that bond, that interest, that had urged her to do this. The urge to tell the young girl who she truly was. Aside from Leona, not many knew of her curse and the dangers it held if it ever triggered near allies; Horama wasn’t kind enough to turn a blind eye to people she loved when he was unleashed. If anything he targeted those first. And although Lehanna was strong by her own right, with more potential to follow, she could not allow her curse to hurt her in any way– she’d promised to protect her; to shield her from any harm. And she knew full well that she could not make that happen as long as she kept Horama a secret to her. Ever so slowly she’d worked up the courage to tell Lehanna about the curse that plagued her, still afraid the girl would want nothing to do with her anymore if she were to find out. Even though she knew better than to think she would. It was hard to chase those bad habits and thoughts out of the blonde.

    So the plan for today had been a rather simple one. They’d go shopping today; make a trip to Crocus on the pretense of a casual day out, to buy clothes of Lehanna’s choosing for once. And after some quality time well-spent, she’d tell her everything and hope for the best. Kitalpha had even inquired about days off so she wouldn’t obstruct any schoolwork or missions that needed tending to. The girl was diligent about her studies, and the Aurence admired that about her, especially since she herself lacked much of a formal education. Sometimes she was ashamed to admit she’d only learnt the basics, and even then still had to improve on those basics when she’d already become of age, all because of her own doing. So she would never try anything to mess with Lehanna’s education, only encourage it further.

    By the time she’d started focusing back on the time of day, Kitalpha realized almost an hour had passed, and that her body had become stiff from the cold, even though her skin felt pleasantly warm. With a soft huff she’d stand up, giving the spirit wolves a short wave and heading back inside, ready to prepare for the day ahead. Changing into more comfortable clothes -those also a more appropriate outfit for heading into town- she’d then start making her way up to the guild quarters to wake up Lehanna, accompanied by a hot cup of cocoa for her, and another cup of tea for the blonde herself. Stealthily she’d creep up to her room, making sure to make as little sound as possible as stopped at the door of the girl’s room to listen for a short moment. There was no hint of sounds coming from inside other than a rhythmic breathing, determining her charge was still out cold. Quietly she’d slip in, putting the two cups down on her desk. A loving smile would settle on her lips as she watched Lehanna, treading ever so quietly around her room as to not disturb her sleep just yet. Kitalpha would open her curtains only slightly, allowing a portion of light to filter through the darkness in her room without being too blinding, and then moved back to her bed, sitting down on the edge while gently stroking her hair. ”Lehanna, it’s time to wake up~” she’d whisper softly.

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