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    Attack of the Desert Wolves! (Aiden-Rhace)

    Aiden Ainsley
    Aiden Ainsley

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    Attack of the Desert Wolves! (Aiden-Rhace) Empty Attack of the Desert Wolves! (Aiden-Rhace)

    Post by Aiden Ainsley 4th November 2021, 10:20 am


    Soft footsteps crunched through the sands of the vast desert of Desierto as the blowing sands would whips past Aiden and his companion, Data-VI, who was scanning the surroundings and recording environmental information in its database. This was an unfamiliar place to him and Aiden would be unsure of where exactly he was headed if the guild hadn’t provided him with a helpful map of the region he was currently exploring. With the map clutched open, his red eyes would scan the document with care as he quickly realized after landing that it would be quite easy to get lost in this country.

    Looking at the map he would speak to his helpful robot “Data-VI, could you go over the mission details one more time? I would like to know more about what exactly we are dealing with before I get to this town.” he would say, not taking his eyes off the map for even a second. The tiny, star-shaped robot would blip for a few seconds before responding with information of the enemies they were sent to defeat. “The sandstone wolves are a rather unique and newly discovered species of animal. Their entire bodies seem to be covered in sandstone and are protected from the heat of the desert so it makes it hard for villages to deal with infestations of them.”

    “Right.” Aiden would respond simply, pulling himself into his thoughts. He was certainly happy that he decided to wear his battle suite today as he was sure that this mission wouldn’t be the easiest to overcome. The different jobs he had done so far ranged from difficult to easy, from defeating a cherry blossom monster infestation to simply pulling weeds. He was sure that this was a job he could do himself but the guild had insisted that it would send out reinforcements just in case.

    Looking up from the map he would spy the town that was detailed in the mission report. Putting the map away he would sit on top of a large desert rock and make it somewhat of a camp while he waited for his reinforcement to arrive. “Data-VI, send my location to the guild and make sure that it gets to whoever they are sending. It couldn’t possibly be easy to find me in this desert.” he would request of his companion who would blip red a few times before responding “Done"

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    Rhace Tarrin
    Rhace Tarrin

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    Attack of the Desert Wolves! (Aiden-Rhace) Empty Re: Attack of the Desert Wolves! (Aiden-Rhace)

    Post by Rhace Tarrin 4th November 2021, 8:46 pm

    Rhace Tarrin
    Wolves Of The Desert

    The thrusters of the high-tech snuttle dispatched by the Endeavour allowed the wandering swordsman to cross the world at breakneck pace. There was a certain inevitability that he would be able to get wherever he needed to go to accomplish the objectives of the guild, thanks to their choice of living off the ground. All of this meant that he was able to go and see whatever it was that he needed to. In this case, it was making his way across Fiore's borders to Desierto, where they had requested assistance with a particularly nasty batch of... sandstone wolves. Whatever those were. A data package had been sent over to the guild for further information on the subject, which Rhace was more than happy to wolf down - pun intended. He had learned a sufficient amount about what his prey was going to suitably be, which meant that when it came down to time to engage the enemy, he would be prepared enough to engage the targets.

    Sword in hand, the shuttle touched down and unloaded its sole cargo, following the radar ping that signaled the location of his newfound ally. Off the shuttle stepped the caped man, white vest and full panoply of regalia present. He looked like the noble swordsman that he thought he was, certainly; Rhace carried the air of nobility effortlessly. Noblesse oblige came naturally to the head of a swordsmanship school. And even then, he was not yet its head.

    Looking over at Aiden, he nodded. "Well met. Rhace Tarrin, at your service," he said matter of factly, presenting himself simply as best he could. With Rhace, everything that was outwardly presenting was inwardly presenting also. He was everything that he appeared to be - nothing more, nothing less. At his side rested the champion's blade Granveil, the heritage blade that had passed down through a dozen generations - trusty in all its works, it could not be overstated how much blood this sword would spill in the pursuit of this job.

    A quick glance around told Rhace what he needed to know about the site that Aiden had already kindly set up for them. It was more than enough, for which he was thankful. "Has the employer given us sufficient information to carry out this contract?" he asked thoughtfully, shouldering a small overnight bag that carried what little supplies he would personally need for the trip. "I should not like to walk blindly into this."

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