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    Autumn Breeze


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    Completed Autumn Breeze

    Post by Ayeseru 14th October 2021, 11:17 pm


    Magic Name:
    Autumn Breeze
    Magic Type:
    Solitary Caster
    Autumn Breeze is a fancy way to say "wind magic", Ayeseru simply calls it so to pay homage to the scenery he appreciates most, or so he believes.  In actuality, many moons ago, Ayeseru's ancestors had made a pact with the season itself.  They believed in the freedom and the wonderful beginning of a gentle calming wind, with another dark aspect.  The beginning of the end.  It is said in ancient texts that the season of fall is exactly that - when things fall, and every agreement has a price that must inevitably be paid.  That's what the texts say, so nothing to fear.  It's just writing, after all.

    Both self taught and having learned from his family, all users of the Autumn Breeze magic are very in tune with nature and the wind, each having a very distinct but powerful blessing; it can be quite literally anything, making no two Autumn Winds users the same, though, potentially similar.  In Ayeseru's case, he was blessed with speed and technique, giving him unprecedented speed within his clan to date along with...  "a creative mind".

    Unique Abilities:

    • With the Wind: This ability allows Ayeseru's wind spells to absorb and carry other spells.  Once every 3 posts, if Ayeseru's wind spells comes into contact with an offensive enemy spell, it can absorb said spell and in addition to the wind, the enemy spell is carried back towards the opponent or wherever he might aim it.  Ayeseru is capable of ignoring the cooldown completely, though should he choose to do so, he has to take the spell directly, his next wind spell being enveloped with whatever he was hit with.  Only a single offensive spell at a time can be absorbed, and should Ayeseru elect himself to be hit with a spell, it must elemental for it to be absorbed.

      At B-Rank, the cooldown becomes 2 posts.  At S-Rank, it becomes 1 post.  This ability cannot be used on physical attacks, like a claw or a magical sword as an example unless it possesses an element, but can be used on projectiles such as a magical bullet, arrow or even something like acid.  The wind spell must also be equivalent to the same rank of the spell absorbed or higher.  His affinity with wind also makes him much faster, granting him a 20/35/50% speed increase at D-Rank, B-Rank and S-Rank respectively.
    • Ability 2:
    • Ability 3:



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    Completed Re: Autumn Breeze

    Post by Medeia 22nd October 2021, 3:27 am

    Hey there Ayeseru, I'm Med and I'll be grading this for you today. Before I get to the smaller edits, there are a couple of overarching comments that cover the magic as a whole.

    First, when writing your magic app, there is no need to include the caster type benefit when calculating your spells MP cost. That is something that is done when doing the calculations in threads. You only need to put their base cost in here.

    Second, you need four normal spell slots in order to have a passive spell and you only have three, so you're going to have to change the two you have to something else for now.

    With those two points covered, you'll find my other edits in blue.



    Autumn Breeze Medeia123

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