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    Post by Coco Winters 11th October 2021, 8:53 am

    Aurora would arrive at the cabin in question as she looked at the rundown rust exterior she walked up the steps hearing movement inside as she slowly opened the door seeing exactly what she feared upon arriving….she was to late. Inside were five ghouls and...and her friend turned into a ghoul..her anger bubbling...she was still to weak...she can't save him...she couldn't help him even with her power...her aura became strong red fire like claws forming on her hand and feet...her eyes turning a bright crimson red and her brown hair turning a fiery orange as her rage started to boil over. *why am I still to weak..* by this time the ghouls noticed and all six rushed at her.

    "I'LL TURN YOU TO ASH!" She screamed out at them "FLAME EMPRESS ROAR!" She bellowed as a Flaming Lion like creature roared out colliding into them causing a massive explosion destroying the cabin and and most the ghouls expect her friend, she glared seeing him get up. "Pushing your limits beyond death...for this I'll solve this and save everyone I can for you….thank you for you care...now rest." She said rushing forward as it did varly dodging its bite clawing its stomach and muttering her spell. "Flame Empress..Solar flare" she said blowing him on half killing him. She would down at his corpse the fire subsiding as she took a breath, rage wasn't what she needed anymore. She needed to keep calm.

    She looked around the cabin that was now a few broken charred walls and broken furniture. She walked shifting through rubble to he surprise she saw a book only slightly burnt in a desk drawer. As she reached down pulling it out flipping a few pages. "His diary huh…" she glanced back at him putting it in her bag. As she did so she went over to him kneeling down seeing a pendant her was wearing, more curiously it was scorched at all. She reached down ripping off his neck taking it as well. She closed his eyes as she stacked the bodies and lit them and the rest of the cabin up in Flames holding a small funeral for not just her friend, but the five ghouls as well who turned.

    "Rest well all of you...you did your best now it's my turn to push past my limits here and move on to solve this."
    She said taking out the diary as she read a few pages to see if she could gleam a clue on where to go next. Lucky for her the final few pages had a place for her to start looking "Silent Cemetery…" she muttered shutting the book taking one more long look at the fire giving it a nod as she turned walking away letting the fire do its thing and burn and finish putting her friend to rest, a single tear in her eye as she wiped it away putting a smile in her face. Being sad won't help nor would her friend want it smile and challenge fate...time to go hunting for her friends sake.

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