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    Baking At It’s Finest!


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    Baking At It’s Finest! Empty Baking At It’s Finest!

    Post by Kaido 9th August 2021, 11:16 am

    When it comes to baking or anything that requires cooking, Kai would be referred to as an Adept, at it. He’s done some baking at numerous festivals so, he has his experience with it. Now, this job is actually perfect for him. A nearby bakery is requesting temporary assistance. What they need assistance with, is unknown for now but, it’s nothing too hard, hopefully. Kai found the flyer and decided to take the job without second thoughts. “So, it’s in Crocus? That’s an easy walk.” He said as he walked past his house and continued walking for a good few minutes. ”I wonder what they need help with, at this time of night. Maybe it’s for testing some recipes before they open?” Kaido thought to himself. Fiore is very beautiful at night, though. He soon arrived at the bakery and saw the lady just sipping on some coffee while leaning on the counter. The door jingled as Kai opened them and the lady looked towards him. “Oh! You must be the guy that accepted the job! I am Abigail Svartlana, you can refer to me as anything you’d like.” Abigail said as she stuck her hand out for a good ol’ handshake. Kaido gladly shook her hand. Kaido. He introduced himself. ”What was it that you needed help with?” Kai asked as he pulled his hand away. “I’ll show you but, do you know how to bake?” She asked. Abi just needed to know this so, they could get started with what they had to do. ”I wouldn’t say I’m a master at it but, I’m pretty good at it.” Kai said as Abi smiled. Great! We are about to do just that.” Abi said as she walked towards the kitchen part of the bakery and signaled Kai to follow her. Kai followed her and wasn’t ready for what was inside of the kitchen. There were 10 factory-issue ovens stacked on each other and a bunch of giant tools for baking. It looked like something out of Willy Wonka. There were conveyer belts that descended into large empty vats that are probably always filled with chocolate or something like that. The weirdest part was that this whole kitchen was ten times the size of its appearance outside. Perhaps, they used some type of magic or some tool? ”So, I wasn’t aware of this.” Kai said as he looked at Abi. “I know it’s a bit much but, it’s a lot easier than you think!” Abi said as she took some type of tablet out of a bag on the ground. ”All you would need to do is press this tablet and everything would start working but, this isn’t working for some reason so, we’ll have to do it manually!” She said as she tossed a large ball of dough towards him, which he caught but, it was very heavy. ”Place that on the pan over there, I’ll grab some tools.” She said as Kai placed the large ball of dough on the pan while Abigail grabbed the tools. Once she came back, they got to work and soon Kai was done so, now he can say he’s a bit better at baking now after that experience.


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